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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Undrape \Un*drape"\, v. t. [1st pref. un- + drape.] To strip of drapery; to uncover or unveil.


v. strip something of drapery

Usage examples of "undrape".

The literary flow that year must have persuaded Harry Scherman to undrape his creation.

Taking the blade, she laid it on the chair arm and began to undrape the upper portion of her torso, not ceasing until her entire left sideshoulder to waistwas exposed.

There were undraped Greek garments left to hang in close, clinging folds, even in the classic period.

Over the undraped, one-piece robe of classic type, a second garment is now worn, cut with straight lines.

Televisions were on in many of the houses, their screens visible through undraped windows.

She had piled her reference books in a neat pillar in one corner and collected manuscript pages in a cardboard box and undraped beads and scarves from the mirror and gathered all the wine bottles and glasses and cake plates and apple cores and sandwich crusts from her mantel.

But he laid down his weapons and eased himself under the blankets on the bed nearest the undraped window, wincing at the stench.

The Dobermans were not padding back and forth on the porch, and when she was finally able to lift her head, she saw no dogs at the undraped window.

The acts and emotions of life undraped with ethics seem to us anathema.