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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
a sock/underwear/cutlery etc drawer (=containing socks, underwear etc)
▪ He hid the gun in his sock drawer.
change of clothes/underwear etc
▪ As any woman could tell you a change of clothes or hairstyle can instantly change the way people think about you.
▪ But I decided I wanted a change of clothes in the morning and my own bed that night.
▪ Clarisa passed him over to me at the window seat so she could pull out a change of clothes.
▪ Contrite, she backed off, collecting a change of clothes from her bag.
▪ Dominic could dress quickly when a change of clothes was called for.
▪ This does not necessarily mean paying out a lot of money for several totally new changes of clothes.
▪ With a change of clothes and some food, he set off in search of fools.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Underwear \Un"der*wear`\, n. That which is worn under the outside clothing; underclothes.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

"undergarments," 1872, from under + wear (n.). So called because they are worn under one's clothing.


n. 1 Clothes worn next to the skin, underneath outer clothing. 2 underpants (boxers, briefs, panties, etc) and bras.


n. undergarment worn next to the skin and under the outer garments [syn: underclothes, underclothing]

Underwear (disambiguation)

Underwear may refer to:

  • Undergarments, clothes worn next to the skin, usually under other clothes
  • "Underwear," a song by The Magnetic Fields from their 1999 album 69 Love Songs
  • "Underwear," a song by Pulp from their 1995 album Different Class
Underwear (album)

Underwear is the debut album by Swedish pianist Bobo Stenson recorded in 1971 and released on the ECM label.

Usage examples of "underwear".

His beltless pants drooped off his hips, showing two inches of skin and three inches of black and yellow striped underwear below the tail of his shirt.

Her tastes are strictly High Street too, with frank promise of brothelly knowhow and top-dollar underwear.

The threadbare white towels were designed for midgets, but she still felt marginally more human by the time she stepped back into the room, clean underwear and a silk bathrobe wrapped securely around her still-damp body.

Had Marl maybe attacked Khiindi because of the underwear incident, which Shoshisha had confided to a half dozen of her best friends?

When he removed his underwear, the lifeboat filled with a mushroomy smell.

Trying to feign nonchalance, Park lifted a brow as he stripped off his pants and underwear and stepped, naked, into the tub of steaming water.

All the panellists agreed that, whatever it was, the idea of some guy running around in his underwear, trying to help people, was just hilarious.

At any rate, it was likely the thinner elastic materials of her underwear would have thwarted the experimental resewing process.

Scotty would lean toward the front seat to say something to Burke and his shirt would scooch up, revealing the muscular ridge cut from the middle of his back down to the elastic of his underwear.

It was the first light of day now and in that first light, Will viewed the full grotesquery of Mr Joseph Carey Merrick: the horrible pendulous flaps and folds of skin, the spongiform eruptions, the grubby underwear.

Deck watched her rummage around for something, spritelike in a skimpy tank bra, shorts underwear, and, somehow adorably, heavy socks.

Emporio Armani underwear models moved through a crowd consisting of Tim Roth, Seal, members of Supergrass, Pippa Brooks, Fairuza Balk, Paul Weller, Tyson, someone passing around large trays of osso buco.

Janet tried to think of something clever to say, but there was no escaping the fact that she was lying on her bed, in nothing but her underwear, trussed like a de boned turkey.

She reached in, slid her hand beneath the waist of his dark underwear, leaving the jeans open in front but otherwise unadjusted, and closed her hand around him.

They were well stocked with gorp, bongs, pipes, vials of amyl nitrate, but understocked on towels, underwear, toothpaste.