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n. (plural of undershirt English)

Usage examples of "undershirts".

In the afternoon, we sat around the room in our undershirts, with the air-conditioner on.

I wore T-shirts, but he still wore the old kind, thin knit undershirts with just narrow shoulder straps, leaving the upper arms and shoulders bare.

His high explosives team of half a dozen draftees sat in undershirts, bathing shorts and handkerchiefs worn on the head pirate-style.

With each trip to town, she brought home a few more items for the baby until she had a supply of little undershirts, socks, sleepsuits, and newborn outfits along with the requisite bibs, rattles, teething rings, baby powder, diapers, and assorted baby items, all of it augmented by purchases Jessy had made.

Almost hesitantly she opened one of the drawers and looked inside at the folded undershirts and white briefs.