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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Undergrown \Un`der*grown"\, a. Of small stature; not grown to a full height or size.


a. insufficiently grown; not having grown to a normal or suitable size.

Usage examples of "undergrown".

Using undergrown tunnels, a few of the indoor servants cared for the saddle horses and dairy animals, but there was little else that could be done.

A great intimacy had sprung up between us, founded on mutual esteem, for he being a little undergrown man was proud of my strength and stature, while my melancholy and somewhat heavy spirit took a pleasure in the energy and joviality which never deserted him, and in the wit which gleamed as bright and as innocent as summer lightning through all that he said.

The banks were thickly covered with great trees, undergrown with brush.

They were cleaning the bathroom when she stepped in, two skinny, undergrown girls swabbing listlessly at the floor with mops so filthy that Li figured the net exchange of disinfectant and bacteria had reversed itself years ago.

Baby pickapack, until she came to some rails, over which they got, and came into a thicket of wood, a very dark place undergrown with shrubs.

Against their undergrown enemy, the shaft was lethal and faster than a sword.

One hand braced against the wall, she stared at the tree, noting more than a few leaves drooping and showing some brown along the edge, and a couple undergrown pods turning yellow on the limb.

The present example, like the late Bill, was an undergrown creature, and had the same curiously-twisted nose, the same asymmetrical face and similar ears--large, flat ears that stood out from his head like the handles of an amphora, that had strongly marked Darwinian tubercles, unformed helices and undeveloped lobules.

Aye, move on then and my Lamb will keep his tongue in his mouth instead of drooling over yer undergrown self.