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vb. To remove cuffs from (someone)

Usage examples of "uncuff".

No one said a word as she was uncuffed, handed a blanket, and went to sit on the only unoccupied bunk in the small cell.

They had a locked ward they took her to in an elevator that went up directly from the garage, and when they got there, they uncuffed her and left her with a resident and an attendant.

One of the officers had uncuffed them, and now she was going around removing the circlet of steel around their waists that the chains were attached to, and the leg irons so they could remove their jeans.

As the first policeman uncuffed Nast, another came up to where they stood.

The guard uncuffed their wrists and left them and they squatted and leaned against the wall with their blankets about their shoulders like mendicants.

At this point Khalil and Haddad had over two hours to tidy things up, including uncuffing Khalil, putting the Federal escort back in his seat, putting Haddad's medical oxygen in the coat closet, and so forth.

I want the kid under surveillance, and until Whitney uncuffs me, I can't use a cop.

Haddad finds the handcuff keys on Peter Gorman and uncuffs Khalil in the lav.