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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Uncrown \Un*crown"\, v. t. [1st pref. un- + crown.] To deprive of a crown; to take the crown from; hence, to discrown; to dethrone.

He hath done me wrong, And therefore I'll uncrown him ere't be long.


vb. To deprive of the monarchy

Usage examples of "uncrown".

The cure would seem to lie in the hands of this so-called Uncrowned King.

Arnault once again of the mysterious Uncrowned King of the prophecy, and it seemed to him increasingly likely that, in the end, this capacity for self-sacrifice might well be the measure between victory and defeat.

Arnault had related the prophecy concerning the Uncrowned King, the abbot gestured for silence and closed his eyes, repeating the words to himself as he committed them to memory.

Still, this business of the Uncrowned King will bear further reckoning.

We have learned that this can only be done by one who stands in the place of the king without ascending the throne: an Uncrowned Kinjg, if you will, who has all the attributes of a king without laying claim to the crown.

The Uncrowned King goes to be slain, and a flicker has stirred in that which was safely dead.

Stone, as reflected in the spiritual realms, and then briefly to touch the Uncrowned King.

The Uncrowned King comes to You in willing sacrifice, in faithful imitation of the holy Lamb.

Stone of Destiny, both dagger and stone signed both with his own blood and that of the Uncrowned King.

Then, like a woman drawing down thread from a spindle, he willed himself to be a living conduit, bridging the span between heaven and earth, opening himself to channel to the Stone, through blade and window, all the grace so hard won by the Uncrowned King.

The Uncrowned King has laid down his earthly life, thereby renewing the virtues of the Stone of Destiny.

There, in The Quiet Room in the Temple of Truth on the Outer-Edge-Of-Things, the Voices to the Pilgrim told this Tale of The Uncrowned King.

I am a Voice of Life, O Hadji, and mine it is to begin for you The Tale of The Uncrowned King.

I too am a Voice of Life and mine it is to continue for you The Tale of The Uncrowned King.

I also am a Voice of Life, and mine it is to tell you yet more of The Tale of The Uncrowned King.