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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
uncontrolled capitalism
uncontrolled violence
▪ He was breathless and moving at high speed, but there was nothing agitated or uncontrolled about him.
▪ It is a very uncontrolled environment.
▪ One keeps coughing, in uncontrolled, dying spasms.
▪ Taking controlled deep breaths will calm you down and get you into a more relaxed rhythm rather than a state of uncontrolled panic.
▪ Their dangerous, uncontrolled sexuality is destined to be muted by the life-long practice of inhuman austerities and self-denial.
▪ This is not wild, uncontrolled nature, but greenery as artifice and symbol.
Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1510s, from un- (1) "not" + past participle of control (v.).


a. not controlled

  1. adj. not being under control; out of control; "the greatest uncontrolled health problem is AIDS"; "uncontrolled growth" [ant: controlled]

  2. extravagant or extreme; "the inhumanity of his untempered principles"- M.S.Dworkin [syn: unrestrained, untempered]

Uncontrolled (album)

Uncontrolled is the 10th studio album by Japanese pop and R&B musician Namie Amuro, released on June 27, 2012. The album was released before her 20th anniversary concerts — one in Okinawa in September, and seven across Japan in November and December 2012. The album consists mostly of songs sung in Japanese, however this was the first album of Amuro's to feature several songs sung entirely in English.

The album spent three weeks at number one on Oricon's albums chart, making Uncontrolled the second album of Amuro's to do this after Best Fiction (2008) spent six weeks at number one. The album was certified double platinum by the Recording Industry Association of Japan. This is her fifth consecutive number one album since 2007, and her sixth consecutive double platinum album since 2005.

Usage examples of "uncontrolled".

Heron pushed his chair brusquely aside and strode across the narrow room deliberately facing the portly figure of de Batz, who with head slightly inclined on one side, his small eyes narrowed till they appeared mere slits in his pockmarked face, was steadily and quite placidly contemplating this inhuman monster who had this very day been given uncontrolled power over hundreds of thousands of human lives.

Era of European Predominance as the outcome of an uncontrolled irregularity in growth, of economic hypertrophy in a phase of political and cultural atrophy.

Thessalian all was pure, uncontrolled, unmodified passion--erring, unwomanly, frenzied, but debased by no elements of a more sordid feeling.

According to this portrayal, those were times of animality and barbaric, uncontrolled procreation, of catastrophe both economic and military, and the undeniable achievements of past civilization were presented as an expression of the strength and determination that permitted people to overcome the benightedness and the cruelty of the period: those achievements, then, came about as it were in spite of the prevailing tendency to live at the cost of others.

Soon she was bobsledding down a dank tunnel on her rear end, uncontrolled.

Now it was a tangle of vegetationmulberry trees, uncontrolled bougainvillaea bushes that had grown to giant proportions and sent great sprigs of purple flowers skywards, paw-paw trees with rotting fruit on the stems.

The sound shocked the air as a nighthorse broke through the thin screen of bystanders, not bolting uncontrolled into the dusk, but treading catfooted, shaking his mane and throwing off such a cold feeling of ill that senior riders crowded each other to get out of its path.

For what would have been the consequence if that rabble of shepherds and strangers, fugitives from their own countries, having, under the protection of an inviolable asylum, found liberty, or at least impunity, uncontrolled by the dread of regal authority, had begun to be distracted by tribunician storms, and to engage in contests with the fathers in a strange city, before the pledges of wives and children, and love of the very soil, to which it requires a length of time to become habituated, had united their affections.

And once Sam began his uncontrolled Leaps, he knew Thelma Beckett had been right.

The instant he began his pullout, the instant he changed the angle of his wings, he snapped into that same terrible uncontrolled disaster, and at ninety miles per hour it hit him like dynamite.

I see little hope of retarding the growth of the residential power demand until scientists can apply highly-skilled analysis to the female and the particular, unanalyzable, unscientific, uncontrolled phenomena of their power consumption.

And, as they insanely tattooed the floor with their uncontrolled feet, close to fifty intoxicated buffoons commenced clapping completely out of rhythm, and of course they hooted and shrieked, making vivid gestures and bearhugging each other deliriously while also commenting grossly on the Mondragon effort.

After several decades of wild industrial growth, financial manipulation, uncontrolled speculation and profiteering, it all collapsed: 642 banks failed and 16,000 businesses closed down.

Sitting side-by-side on the high seat of the Conestoga, she and Etta Carter grinned at each other with uncontrolled excitement as they felt the wheels beneath them turn.

When the door was shut and we stood there facing them-myself nervous and fidgety, Urgulanilla massive and expressionless and clenching and unclenching her great fists-the solemnity of these two evil old grandmothers gave way, and they burst into uncontrolled laughter.