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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
a painful/uncomfortable reminder
▪ This violence is a painful reminder that peace is still a long way away.
an awkward/uncomfortable/embarrassed silence
▪ ‘Fred tells me you like books,’ Steve said, after an awkward silence.
distinctly uncomfortable/uneasy/unhappy etc
▪ A question bubbled from some remote corner of his brain, as uncomfortable as the children's sores.
▪ Dole is as uncomfortable with abortion today as he was then.
▪ Evans had been distinctly uncomfortable about Horowitz's presence in his office.
▪ She had a distinctly uncomfortable feeling that he was not referring to the fight which had followed that little incident.
▪ A single nun, working in an unorthodox manner in the slums, made some of the local clergy distinctly uncomfortable.
▪ I was 17, a private just a few weeks into my enlistment, and distinctly uncomfortable.
▪ Space for a raiding party was limited, and jolting across the sand perched up on the back was extremely uncomfortable.
▪ In the severe case he or she is extremely uncomfortable, experiencing vertigo on any head motion accompanied by nausea and vomiting.
▪ Even so, she felt extremely uncomfortable about facing him while the details were so clear in her mind.
▪ When you do that it gets extremely uncomfortable for the abuser.
▪ Sylvie suddenly remembered how uncomfortable in his own skin Leo had been at fourteen.
▪ This reveals just how uncomfortable many men are about asking these questions.
▪ Odd, how uncomfortable the question made him.
▪ He knew how uncomfortable she felt and he was enjoying every single minute of it!
▪ I was soon made to feel even more uncomfortable.
▪ The staff, which was quite orthodox psycho-analytically, became more and more uncomfortable.
▪ It was still hot and the seats grew more uncomfortable as the night wore on.
▪ Bedford grew more uncomfortable with the silence at the table.
▪ I had never seen him look more uncomfortable, more thoroughly out of place.
▪ The expression of the shop assistant was making her most uncomfortable.
▪ But there is something about those headphones which makes me most uncomfortable.
▪ It was a most uncomfortable meal.
▪ With these new molecules from nature scientists hope to combat one of the most uncomfortable and vexing problems in medicine more effectively.
▪ Not only was this unhygienic but it was most uncomfortable for me, being in close proximity to him.
▪ It was a most uncomfortable conversation, and I hadn't anticipated it.
▪ So usually we avoid them which is why an effective appraisal interview can be a most uncomfortable experience.
▪ But I have always felt rather uncomfortable in her presence.
▪ The creative team Generally speaking they are the ones who do not wear suits - or look rather uncomfortable when they do.
▪ The success of the Green Movement over the last few years has left that rather uncomfortable question hanging in the air.
▪ She found it slightly uncomfortable, being scrutinized by a bird.
▪ He would become so uncomfortable that he would eventually leave the table and make some more coffee!
▪ Freeman, of all people, knows this, which is why she is often so uncomfortable with the talk of reconciliation.
▪ Perhaps that's why I felt so uncomfortable with those men.
▪ Is that Troy Aikman or a koala with lower digestive difficulties looking so uncomfortable on the Dallas sideline?
▪ Not for a long time had Vi felt so uncomfortable.
▪ But we would fall asleep in one another's arms - that romantic image which is in reality so uncomfortable and painful.
▪ What was it about unashamed luxury, Harriet sometimes asked herself, which made her feel so uncomfortable?
▪ She had never felt so uncomfortable in her life.
▪ Travel was not too uncomfortable, and when it stopped there were amusing soldiers to talk to.
▪ Tuymans should have won a prize, but maybe his message was too uncomfortable.
▪ They say it would make journeys too uncomfortable for passengers and slow their journey times, making services uneconomical.
▪ An excess of teenage hormones, he told himself, lying desperately because the truth was too uncomfortable to face.
▪ Only those thoughts were too uncomfortable to contemplate so she pushed them back into her mind.
▪ It ain't too uncomfortable, but it's really blummin cold.
▪ He was on a very uncomfortable bed.
▪ In the preponderance of cases, marked nystagmus is accompanied by a very uncomfortable feeling of vertigo. 3.
▪ Gardener's knee pads are a good idea: kneeling on joists can be very uncomfortable.
▪ There was a shot of Ramirez on the bench looking very uncomfortable.
▪ When I woke up, I was on a train and feeling very uncomfortable after a long sleep.
▪ All in all, it is reported to be a very uncomfortable experience.
▪ She was starting to feel very uncomfortable.
▪ But the uncomfortable feeling remained, and to cheer herself up, Grace began to plan what she would wear tomorrow.
▪ The uncomfortable feeling she'd had earlier on had come back again and sat like a solid lead ball in her chest.
▪ An hour's walk in the countryside will dissipate any uncomfortable feelings absorbed from others.
▪ The country has an uncomfortable feeling of the powder-keg about it.
▪ Must be an uncomfortable feeling at a time like this.
▪ It gave her the uncomfortable feeling of being turned inside out for better examination.
▪ I still had this uncomfortable feeling that I did know her.
▪ He was glad to have met the Collector again, but he had the uncomfortable feeling of many things left unsaid.
▪ Mr Smyth argued that it would place officers in the uncomfortable position of patrolling with colleagues they had once arrested.
▪ This is a terribly uncomfortable position, unless you have either very long legs or a big rear end.
▪ In other words the objective is to escape from an uncomfortable position rather than to reach a particular destination.
▪ After some really lackluster efforts we are put in the uncomfortable position of rooting for an injury.
▪ She threw out the uncomfortable question, its pain-filled answer.
▪ But dialogues must begin with tough or uncomfortable questions.
▪ It is the novel's obsession with the dead that begins to give answers to these pressing and uncomfortable questions.
▪ That uncomfortable question has faced many investors.
▪ The success of the Green Movement over the last few years has left that rather uncomfortable question hanging in the air.
▪ The landlady stared at her in an uncomfortable silence.
▪ There was a long, uncomfortable silence.
▪ All this talk about love and romance was making me uncomfortable.
▪ cheap uncomfortable shoes
▪ I feel uncomfortable talking about Gayle when she isn't here.
▪ I hate travelling by train - the carriages are always so dirty and uncomfortable.
▪ In those days visiting the island meant a long uncomfortable voyage across choppy seas.
▪ Jim always felt uncomfortable on such formal occasions.
▪ She was dressed in a very tight skirt and uncomfortable-looking shoes.
▪ The heat was making us all uncomfortable.
▪ These chairs may look good, but they're very uncomfortable to sit on.
▪ They were forced to spend another uncomfortable night at the airport waiting for their plane.
▪ You look uncomfortable. Why don't you sit over here?
▪ A smart suit with cheap uncomfortable shoes generally reveals a man posing above his station.
▪ Even a soft body brush can feel uncomfortable if the bristles are stuck into the skin.
▪ Inside, the house was dark and uncomfortable.
▪ Let Lucy articulate, lay herself on whatever uncomfortable line it was that she had elected to draw.
▪ Obviously, do not expect your pet to settle down readily on a wet or uncomfortable surface.
▪ Perhaps that's why I felt so uncomfortable with those men.
▪ She wanted to make him uncomfortable, make it hard for him to read.
▪ The only uncomfortable moment was when a cell phone began ringing behind them and they started smiling at each other.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Uncomfortable \Un*com"fort*a*ble\, a.

  1. Feeling discomfort; uneasy; as, to be uncomfortable on account of one's position.

  2. Causing discomfort; disagreeable; unpleasant; as, an uncomfortable seat or situation.

    The most dead, uncomfortable time of the year.
    --Addison. [1913 Webster] -- Un*com"fort*a*ble*ness, n. -- Un*com"fort*a*bly, adv.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

early 15c. "causing bodily or mental discomfort, affording no comfort," from un- (1) "not" + comfortable (adj.). Intransitive meaning "feeling discomfort, ill-at-ease" is attested from 1796. Related: Uncomfortably.


a. Not comfortable.

  1. adj. conducive to or feeling mental discomfort; "this kind of life can prove disruptive and uncomfortable"; "the uncomfortable truth"; "grew uncomfortable beneath his appraising eye"; "an uncomfortable way of surprising me just when I felt surest"; "the teacher's presence at the conference made the child very uncomfortable" [ant: comfortable]

  2. providing or experiencing physical discomfort; "an uncomfortable chair"; "an uncomfortable day in the hot sun" [ant: comfortable]

Uncomfortable (album)

Uncomfortable is the second studio album by Andy Mineo. The album was released on September 18, 2015, by Reach Records.

Usage examples of "uncomfortable".

At this time also I felt some weakness to seize upon my outward man, which made still the other affliction the more heavy and uncomfortable to me.

The farmer, housewife, banker, merchant and laborer seem to be equally prone to the affliction and all who suffer have a great number of days rendered uncomfortable and unhappy by the presence of this most unpleasant affection.

FIFTEEN Secrets, Barnacle thought bitterly, were just like wind: they were uncomfortable to hold back, and they made a nasty smell if you let them out.

In the meanwhile de Batz had made himself as much at home in this uncomfortable room as he possibly could.

Harold had begun to make her acutely uncomfortable almost all of the time.

Robin, uncomfortable but immensely curious and excited, sat on the edge of the settle and chattered, while Beryl, well behind their silent hostess, made mysterious signs with fingers and lips and eyes.

Captain had got rid of his uncomfortable shirt, and now was once more in his element, turning round with loud oaths in an old pair of pants and a buttonless under-flannel.

Patrol, since then he would not only have placed our outfit in an uncomfortable position, but, no longer extraditable, would be entitled to its protection from his fellow citizens.

Marino has always been homophobic, but never as uncomfortable and confused as he is at this stage in his life.

And while he liked Lo Manto and clearly trusted him, it was still something he felt uncomfortable doing.

But as Spirit understood, she was accustomed to masquerading as a man, and felt uncomfortable in a dress.

Texas Medill, if you are uncomfortable now, what will you be when you tread the fiery cactus on your peeled feet?

Dylan said, trying to lighten his voice, but it was clear the mention of Sarpedon made the merman uncomfortable.

I was jumpy in my synthetic skin, twitching like a meth comedown, uncomfortable with who I physically was.

I would explain how unhappily I was influenced by the errors and misdoings of my brethren, that I may make my apostacy from Christ intelligible, I have no desire to make the impression that all with whom I came in uncomfortable collision were great sinners, while I was a meek and faultless saint.