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n. (context colloquial English) uncle


UNC is a three-letter acronym that may refer to:

UNC (biology)

UNC-5 is a receptor of UNC-6 otherwise known as a netrin. Netrins are a class of proteins involved in axon guidance. UNC-5 uses repulsion (genetics) to direct axons while the other netrin receptor UNC-40 attracts axons to the source of netrin production.

Usage examples of "unc".

He had kindly eyes, but he hadn't smiled or laughed in so long that the boy had forgotten that Unc Nunkie could look any other way than solemn.

And Unc never spoke any more words than he was obliged to, so his little nephew, who lived alone with him, had learned to understand a great deal from one word.

All I've ever seen of the great Land of Oz, Unc dear, is the view of that mountain over at the south, where they say the Hammerheads live—who won't let anybody go by them—and that mountain at the north, where they say nobody lives.

I think it took you a whole year, Unc, to say as much as I've just said about the Crooked Magician and his wife.

This was the native costume of those who inhabited the MUnchkin Country of the Land of Oz, so Unc Nunkie's dress was much like that of his nephew.

When they were outside, Unc simply latched the door and started up the path.

I do not think Unc Nunkie cares very much to see the famous Crooked Magician.

Sit down and make yourself comfortable, Unc Nunkie, and after I've finished my task I will talk to you.

You see, I've lived all my life with Unc Nunkie, the Silent One, and there was no one to tell me anything.

Ojo and Unc Nunkie both stared at it with wide open eyes, for surely no such curious creature had ever existed before— even in the Land of Oz.

He believed that Unc had seen him add to the brains, and Unc had not said a word against it.

I'm sure the Tin Woodman will do all in his power to help you to save your Unc Nunkie and poor Margolotte.

He believed that until dear Unc Nunkie was restored to life he could feel no joy in anything, and often he wished that Unc could be with him, to see all the astonishing things Ojo was seeing.

But alas Unc Nunkie was now a marble statue in the house of the Crooked Magician and Ojo must not falter in his efforts to save him.

If we had wings we might fly over the wall, but we cannot climb it and unless we get to the Emerald City I won't be able to find the things to restore Unc Nunkie to life.