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vb. (en-past of: unburden)

  1. adj. not burdened with difficulties or responsibilities; "unburdened by an overarching theory"- Alex Inkeles [ant: burdened]

  2. not encumbered with a physical burden or load [syn: burdenless]

Usage examples of "unburdened".

Thus, at least partly unburdened, the opportunist in him began to reassert itself fully.

Grand unburdened himself with increasingly apparent pleasure to his two companions.

Should he go away among strangers, change his name, and commence life anew, unburdened by the weight which now dragged him down?

The Shadow was still Cranston, quite unburdened with any extra garments, when he rejoined the party.

He ended abruptly--he had unburdened his mind to one who he knew understood him and sympathized with him, and he turned to the perusal of some letters just received.

The watching girl, frantic with pent up longings, unbuttoned her blouse and quickly unburdened her bosom from the tight bra restraining it.

Safe and secure in the warmth of madame, Susie unburdened herself of the tormenting knowledge which was haunting her.

Having unburdened herself of various ill-natured remarks about Maud Leighton at intervals during the course of the morning, she chose the luncheon hour as a suitable time for the recountal to Jim of the whole affair of the letter, leading off with the snappish remark that she should have thought Maud could have found a better use for her money than to squander it sending letters by air mail.

Braggen, well hardened for war by his festering grudges, and unburdened by initiate mage talent.

She was a woman with a life of her own, not a child willing and even eager to listen while he unburdened himself of all his troubles.

Intellectual light, become that very light, pure, buoyant, unburdened, raised to Godhood or, better, knowing its Godhood, all aflame then--but crushed out once more if it should take up the discarded burden.