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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Unbraid \Un*braid"\, v. t. [1st pref. un- + braid.] To separate the strands of; to undo, as a braid; to unravel; to disentangle.


vb. To disentangle the strands of a braid


v. undo the braids of; "unbraid my hair" [ant: braid]

Usage examples of "unbraid".

It took her longer to unbraid her hair and brush out the masses of ripples.

He pressed his scratchy jaw into the red silk of her hair, longing to unbraid the rippling locks and spread them over his own chest and throat.

Egwene bounced to her feet, her desire to be dignified obviously warring with her desire to avoid a confrontation with the Wisdom over her unbraided hair.

Her hair still hung unbraided, but she had gathered it back with a red ribbon.

Illvin lay upon the bed in his linen robe, his hair unbraided and brushed back as she had first seen it in her dream.

I was beginning to shiver, and I noticed for the first time that my cloak was wet all over and that my hair had come unbraided and was stringing down.

He wore only a loincloth and looked feral with his wild, unbraided hair and green and black body-paint.

The police unbraided the graph paper, along with strips of another kind of paper, thinner and brittle, that had no lines.

She shook off her kerchief and unbraided her hair so that it fell over her bare shoulders.

Her black mane was unbraided, and I saw that it rooted down her spine to a point well below the shoulderblades.

She unbraided her hair, combed it with the bone comb she wore looped into it, and rebraided it smoothly, wrapping the tip with a thread from her tunic.

And Uwen unbraided a bit of poppy bread and wrapped it about a bit of ham as a new muttering of thunder foretold rain on the celebration outside.

With carefree abandon, she kicked off her shoes, peeled off her stockings, unbraided her hair and let it fall in wild disarray down her back.

She sat and one of her servingwomen unbraided and re-braided her hair while Antonia toyed with a gold Circle of Unity studded with gems.

Her black hair, unbraided, lay in great crinkled swatches over her slim shoulders.