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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Unbecome \Un`be*come"\, v. t. [1st pref. un- + become.] To misbecome. [Obs.]
--Bp. Sherlock.


vb. (context obsolete transitive English) To misbecome.

Usage examples of "unbecome".

Objection 1: It would seem that it was unbecoming that the Magi should come to adore Christ and pay homage to Him.

Nothing could persuade her that it was unbecoming in her to think she could manage her life without reference to her seniors, and positively improper of her to walk about London by herself.

He had formed the flesh of Christ: wherefore it was unbecoming that it should be desecrated by intercourse with man.

For it was unbecoming that He should take to Himself a body as yet unformed.

It was therefore unbecoming that Christ should be made known to the Gentiles so long after His birth.

Therefore it seems unbecoming that, after leading such a strict life, He should return to the common manner of living.

Therefore it seems unbecoming that Christ should suffer Himself to be tempted by the devil.

Therefore, as to the first, it was unbecoming for Him to work miracles before He began to teach.

Objection 1: It would seem that Christ was buried in an unbecoming manner.

For, if it be unbecoming for Christ to take a body of another nature in His conception, a heavenly one for instance, as Valentine asserted, it is much more unbecoming for Him at His Resurrection to resume a body of another nature, because in His Resurrection He resumed unto an everlasting life, the body which in His conception He had assumed to a mortal life.

Now they bore witness by preaching in public: and this is unbecoming in women, according to 1 Cor.

But it seems unbecoming that so excellent a being created by God should cease to exist as soon as the sacrament is complete.

For this reason it is unbecoming that Christ should have a character: but His Priesthood is compared to a character, as that which is complete and perfect is compared to some participation of itself.

It is furthermore forbidden to offer must in the chalice, as soon as it has been squeezed from the grape, since this is unbecoming owing to the impurity of the must.

But in this sacrament man receives Christ within himself by way of spiritual nourishment, which is unbecoming to one that lies dead in his sins.