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A wide-open, Lens-to-Lens conference with all the Lensmen, especially all Unattached Lensmen, who can be reached.

That is, she thought that she did so then, and rather wondered at the frictionless ease with which it went through: it had simply not occurred to her that in the instant of being made an Unattached Lensman she had been freed automatically from every man-made restraint.

Chivas Regal, Robert considered the motley collection of individuals who, for reasons of their own, remained like him, unattached and available, and decided he would be better off going home--alone.

I was officially unattached and available, though I suspect even marriage would not have prevented most of those young men from pursuing me.

Andrew told himself when thinking about it afterward, that had kept him unattached at a time when many of his contemporaries were marrying in their early twenties.

For a man with such a smooth-skinned body he had extremely hairy legs, she thought, sitting on the bed and staring at the unattached limbs.

Someone who was fit and strong and unattached, with a smashing wardrobe and his own boat.

Always on the look out for an unattached man of adequate means and submissive personality so popular rumour would have it.

Flirting through eye contact with many of the younger, unattached males.

Had watched her silently flirt with everyone unattached male with whom she made eye contact as he made his way to her side.

Your type of personality goes best with Unattached statusany age, any place, wherever and whenever you may be needed.

For the Unattached officer might rove up and down the time lanes, rescuing the distressed and arresting the lawbreaker and keeping the fabric of human destiny secure.

I could use my Unattached authority to keep the truth secret from lower echelons and tell her nothing except that Keith had irrevocably died under circumstances which forced us to shut off this period to time traffic.

Nomura suspected the Unattached agent had seen enough existence to have become more foreign to him than Felizwho was born two millenniums past either of them.

An Unattached agent, with all the special privileges of his rank, was expected to handle situations without extra help.