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n. An earth oven used by the Maori.


Umu may refer to:

  • A variety of earth ovens in Polynesia, including:
    • Māori umu tī, used to cook Cordyline australis and other varieties of Cordyline with similar large tap roots.
    • Māori hāngi, also called umu, especially in older texts
  • (u)mu, the Class I singular noun class in the Kinyarwanda language
  • Umu Oma, a village in southeastern Nigeria
  • Willaq Umu, High Priests of the Sun in the Inca Empire

Usage examples of "umu".

Early in the morning Willak Umu sent to Quizo's house a half a dozen anonymously garbed men.

Then Quizo spoke of joining Quisquis in the field, but Willak Umu and I persuaded him he should stay loyal to the Inca, and wait for the time when Manco's mind can be changed about the Spaniards.

I was a little worried that he might ask what province I was supposed to be from, or how my job was coming along, but Willak Umu and Quizo were there to back me up in case of awkward questions.

He brought back one of those mummified horse-hooves, too, that Willak Umu and the other priests all crave.

Quizo was obviously intrigued and pleased by pikes and halberds, but Willak Umu noted that there was more than the tactical effectiveness of the new weapons to be considered.

Willak Umu stood at Manco's side, scowling toward Gonzalo Pizarro and his crew of bullyboys.

Then he pulled his brother back into the house, for here came Manco stalking in through the gate, Willak Umu a step and a half behind him.

Manco, and even Willak Umu, whose brow had been ready to hurl lightning, were suddenly laughing in sheer amazement.

Mike, Tom, and Willak Umu walked now toward the Temple through the changed streets of the city.

If Manco and Willak Umu could only be persuaded to launch a night attack of their own… but that did not seem likely.

Willak Umu must dispense for the duration with all religious ceremonies and taboos regarding the phases of the Moon.