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UMRA is an abbreviation that stands for:

  • Unión Militar Republicana Antifascista, an anti-fascist organization for military members in Spain during the Second Spanish Republic
  • Unfunded Mandates Reform Act of 1995, a U.S. bill intended to limit the number of unfunded mandates that can be enacted by the federal government

Usage examples of "umra".

In May, 1894, this youth-- he was about twenty years of age--returned to Chitral, professing to have escaped from the hands of Umra Khan.

But Amir, knowing Umra well, and having won his kingdom, did not desire to share it.

As he could not make any use of Amir, Umra Khan invited the wicked uncle to return.

But the Imperial Government rose in wrath, refused to have anything to do with the new claimant, informed him that his language was impertinent, and warned Umra Khan to leave Chitral territory forthwith or take the consequences.

After the Chitral expedition of 1895, Umra Khan was expelled from his territories, and escaped to Cabul.

In the meanwhile, anxious to preserve his influence with the border tribes, and to impress the Indian Government with the fact that he could be a powerful foe, he keeps Umra Khan as a trump card, to be played when the occasion arises.

This fort had belonged to Umra Khan, and attested, by superiority of construction, the intellectual development of that remarkable man.

In this very fort Lieutenants Fowler and Edwards were confined in 1895, when the prisoners of Umra Khan.

In Barwa itself, Umra Khan slew his brother, not in hot anger or open war, but coldly and deliberately from behind.

This Umra Khan was a man of much talent, a man intellectually a head and shoulders above his countrymen.

People who know the frontier well, say that a strong man who has felt the grip of the British power is the best tool to work with, and that if Umra Khan, humbled and overawed, had been reinstated, he might have done much to maintain law and order.

Naturally, it was at this somewhat undignified moment that Umrae came though the door.

Perhaps an enchanted weapon would slay Umrae where the envenomed quarrel had failed.

In undead form, Umrae would likely manage better in the murk than its maker did.

With another beat of her festering wings, Umrae hopped and closed the distance.