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n. (vern Japanese apricot pedia=1), a species of Asian plum, ''Prunus mume''.

Ume (disambiguation)

Ume is a name for Prunus mume, a species of Asian plum in the family Rosaceae.

Ume may also refer to:

  • Ume Sami, one of the Sami languages of Northern Europe
  • Ume River, one of the main rivers in northern Sweden
  • Ume, Ōita, a town in Minamiamabe District, Ōita, Japan
  • "Ume" (song), a 2013 song by Shiritsu Ebisu Chūgaku
  • Ume, a dialect of the Isoko language of Nigeria
  • Ume, a dialect of the Wipi language, an Eastern Trans-Fly language of Papua New Guinea
  • Ume (ship), several Japanese ships named
  • Umeå, a Swedish city
  • Umê script, a form of Tibetan writing
  • University of Maine, U being an abbreviation of university, ME being an abbreviation of Maine. (U-me).

UME may refer to:

  • UME - the IATA airport code for Umeå Airport in Alvik, Umeå, Sweden
  • Unidad Militar de Emergencias, a branch of the Spanish Armed Forces
  • Universal Music Enterprises, the catalogue division of Universal Music Group
  • Ubuntu Mobile & Embedded, a version of the Ubuntu Linux distribution aimed at mobile devices.
  • Ultramicroelectrode, in electrochemistry, a working electrode in a three electrode system with a critical dimension smaller than that of a diffusion layer in a readily accessed experiment
Ume (song)

is the third major single by the Japanese girl idol group Shiritsu Ebisu Chugaku, released in Japan on January 16, 2013 by Defstar Records.

Ume (ship)

Several ships have been named :

  • , a of the Imperial Japanese Navy during World War I

  • , a of the Imperial Japanese Navy during World War II

  • JDS Ume (PF-289), a Kusu-class patrol frigate of the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force, formerly USS Allentown (PF-52)

Usage examples of "ume".

Dat way iss a drop off, maybe one thousand meters into da Ume River valley.

Ramadan gasped as he looked out across a vast empty space, the valley of the Ume, only a handbreadth from where Marta was lying.

Vonahr safely, to join fellow Exalted expatriates in Lanthi Ume, or elsewhere.

The whole setup was designed to free him from body awareness while at the same Ume making the interface between his own brain ship minds as seamless as possible.

The third and last videogram was from Ume Kimura, origin Sapporo, transmission time 1915 hours tomorrow.