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Ulua may refer to:

  • UlĂșa River
  • San Juan de UlĂșa, a complex located on an island of the same name in the Gulf of Mexico
  • USS Ulua (SS-428), a submarine of the United States Navy
  • Ulua (genus), a genus of fishes in the family Carangidae
  • vernacular name of the species giant trevally (Caranx ignobilis), but not in genus Ulua proper
  • Ulua people, an indigenous people in El Salvador
Ulua (genus)

Ulua is a genus of trevallies in the family Carangidae. They are native to the Indian Ocean and the western Pacific Ocean.

Usage examples of "ulua".

The treason of Ulua took place in 1568, just twenty years before the Great Armada.