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n. The (l en final) ((l en ultimate)) (l en syllable) of a (l en word) or other (l en utterance).


adj. in or of the month preceding the present one; "your letter received on the 29th ult" [syn: ultimo]


ULT may refer to:

  • the Latin abbreviation ult., previously used especially in business correspondence for ultimo mense, (last month)
  • United Learning Trust, a UK educational charity
  • United Lodge of Theosophists
  • User-level thread
  • Urate-Lowering Therapy - this is a term used for the pharmacologic treatment of high uric acid levels in gout
  • Laboratory equipment Ultra Low Temperature

Usage examples of "ult".

That was how we Ult had originally invaded and finally conquered the Cluster.

And now I was about to go farther than any Ult had been for millennia, in a ship crewed by a people whose actions were less predictable than those of any race I knew.

We Ult are unique in that we can delay our final step into maturity, and can also mimic most other Ultoid races through controlled metamorphosis.

Era of Skepticism our Scholars discovered that by postponing maturity an Ult could increase longevity, and so attain the wisdom which comes from prolonged studies.

Thereafter ambitious young Ult arrested their growth to gain the time needed to become High Scholars.

Each succeeding generation arrested at an earlier and earlier age until now the majority of Council consisted of Ultrons with the minds of High Scholars and the bodies of Ult children.

However there must still be Ultrons capable of enforcing Council authority, and the body of an Ult child is ill-suited to the slamming acceleration of ships and the rugged conditions on many worlds.

The blue body-suit was similar to that once worn by Ult spacers, a complex interweaving of metallic and synthetic tubules so that it adjusted to protect its wearer against heat and cold, pressure and vacuum.

The third, the memory which had just reproved me, was a religious fanatic, one of the Zealots who had preached the Faith and ruled the Ult during the wars and dominated the Council after victory.

Their religious mysticism, which hangs like a fog over that period of Ult history, had been burned away by the rising sun of reason.

In the distant days when every Ult had been a warrior the helmet had been designed to protect and terrify.

The kind I myself had asked long ago about us Ult and, discovering they were non-questions, had never asked again.

My ancestor was reminding me of what had usually happened to a spaceport when an Ult ship had arrived after a long voyage.

And I had learned a dreadful lesson: Humans were as impervious to mentorsion as were Ult and Ara.

For eons any individual who resisted Ult control had been terminated by those of his fellows whom we did control.