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Ülo is an Estonian masculine given name.

People named Ülo include:

  • Ülo Altermann (1923–1954), soldier and forest brother
  • Ülo Jõgi (1921–2007), war historian, nationalist and activist
  • Ülo Kaevats (born 1947), statesman, academic, and philosopher
  • Ülo Lumiste (born 1929), mathematician
  • Ülo Matjus (born 1942), philosopher
  • Ülo Mattheus (born 1956), writer and journalist
  • Ülo Nugis (born 1944), politician and economist
  • Ülo Õun (1940–1988), sculptor
  • Ülo Sooster (1924–1970), painter
  • Ülo Tootsen (1933–2006), journalist and politician
  • Ülo Tuulik (born 1940), writer
  • Ülo Vinter (1924–2000), composer
  • Ülo Voitka (born 1968), freedom fighter, forest brother, and pro-anarchist
  • Ülo Vooglaid (born 1935), social scientist and politician

Usage examples of "ulo".

He glanced at his friend Ulo and could tell that Ulo was thinking the same thing.

Piet to kill Ulo but that he was thinking about trying something like it again.

Her feet knew the path, down to the last stone fisted into the gnarled ulo tree root beside the ceremonial gate.

The dark hedges surrounding the glade now seemed a haven for assassins, and the shade beneath the wide limbs of the ulo tree carried a chill.

Force Commander and his bodyguard stood like sun-cured ulo wood, facing correctly forward.

Through the arched boughs of a matched pair of ulo trees, they saw a sun-warmed meadow.

Feeling weary despite her seventeen years, Mara retired to the shade beneath the ulo in her private garden.

Mara stepped from her litter, sandals crunching gently over ulo leaves, which shed seasonally during the dry months.

Vann surged up and limped to the prison entry, only to be met by Ulo and Kobit, who rushed in, nearly trampling the sergeant.

Instead it turned and started toward Kobit and Ulo, who cowered in a far corner of the cellblock.

As the headless ghost approached, Kobit and Ulo dived into one of the empty cells and slammed the door to.

To even think of an infatuation with Mara was sure invitation to get himself strung by the neck from the nearest ulo tree, probably head down over a slow fire.

On the morning that Nacoya finally contrived to overtake her, with Kevin absent and no servants or advisers at hand, the Lady was seated in her garden by the fountain under the ulo tree.

With a deft twist of the ulo, she cut off a slice and savored each bite of this, the most nourishing part of the animal.

She was not sleepy, so she took out the wolf-puppy bone and, holding the ulo between her knees, carved a tooth in the comb.