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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ A shinbone was broken, twisted - as was the ulna in one arm, and several ribs.
▪ Also in a remarkable state of preservation is a flute made h-am the ulna at Vulture.
▪ Right arm, compound spiral fractures or radius and ulna.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Ulna \Ul"na\, n. [L., the elbow. See Ell.]

  1. (Anat.) The postaxial bone of the forearm, or branchium, corresponding to the fibula of the hind limb. See Radius.

  2. (O. Eng. Law) An ell; also, a yard.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

inner bone of the forearm, 1540s, medical Latin, from Latin ulna "the elbow," also a measure of length, from PIE *el-ina-, extended form of root *el- (1) "elbow, forearm" (see ell (n.1)). Related: Ulnar.


n. (context anatomy English) The bone of the forearm that extends from the elbow to the wrist on the side opposite to the thumb, corresponding to the fibula of the hind limb. Also, the corresponding bone in the forelimb of any vertebrate.

  1. n. the inner and longer of the two bones of the human forearm [syn: elbow bone]

  2. [also: ulnae (pl)]


The ulna is one of the two long bones in the forearm (the other is the radius). It is on the side opposite the thumb, extends from the elbow to the wrist, and runs parallel to the radius, which it exceeds in length and size. In anatomical position, when the arms are down at the sides of the body and the palms of the hands face forward, the ulna is located at the side of the forearm closest to the body (the medial side). The bone may break due to excessive weight or impact.

Usage examples of "ulna".

The bullet seemed to have passed above the medial supracondlar ridge and exited near the coronoid process of the ulna.

He suffered fracture of the base of the skull, of the bones of the face, and of the left ulna, and although suppuration at the points of fracture ensued, followed by an optic neuritis, an ultimate recovery was effected.

I thought he had torn a tendon, which was now caught between the olecranon process and the head of the ulna, the injury being thus aggravated by movement of the arm.

The vibrations of the sound waves passed to her radius and ulna, her humerus, her collar bone, sternum, ribs, vertebrae, and skull, finally reaching the ossicles of her middle ear.

The ulna and radius in the rorquals are also comparatively longer than in the baleen whales.

The clavical, humerus, radius, ulna, femur, tibia, fibula, the bones of the metacarpus, metatarsus and the phalanges, are classed as long bones.

He has an aggravated excision of the left ear, what looks to be a simple fracture of the ulna, pharyngeal trauma, and multiple abrasions and contusions.

A greenstick fracture of the ulna was visible but the injury was so well healed that the splint and bandage were superfluous.

It is not impossible that the Kromdraai humerus and ulna, like the Sterkfontein femur, belonged to more advanced hominids, perhaps resembling anatomically modern humans.

Then femurs and ulnas, ribs and pelvises, both whole and in fragments.

The bullet seemed to have passed above the medial supracondlar ridge and exited near the coronoid process of the ulna.

He sustained soft tissue injuries, ecchymosis under the right eye, and a hairline fracture of the ulna.

There were no late-twentieth-century gadgets such the Single Photon Absorptiometer or scintillation detectors to estimate height based on the length of the humerus, radius, ulna, femur, tibia, and fibula - the long bones of the arms and legs.

His forehead has a lump on it the size of a golf ball, and he's got a hairline fracture of his ulna.

Sometimes we carved their ulnas into letter openers, their fingers into whistles.