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Ülle is an Estonian given name, a feminine form of Ülo.

People named Ülle include:

  • Ülle Kukk (born 1937), botanist and conservationist
  • Ülle Lichtfeldt (born 1970), actress
  • Ülle Rajasalu (born 1953), politician
  • Kauksi Ülle (born 1962 as Ülle Kahusk), poet

Usage examples of "ulle".

I will keep my word, but you should consider that a child would be a good reason for the king to enfeoff me with Ulle.

With a few reasonable words and many touches and kisses, I diverted his mind from the disappearance of the revenues of Ulle and bound him to the notion that the poorer Ulle seemed to be the more likely Stephen would be to enfeoff him.