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Ull or ULL may refer to:


  • Local loop unbundling, or Unbundled Local Loop, in telecommunications
  • Unsigned long long, an integer data type


  • University of La Laguna, a university in Canary Islands, Spain
  • University of Louisiana at Lafayette, a research university in the USA


  • Ullr or Ull, a Germanic god
  • Ull (Greyhawk), a political state in the fictional World of Greyhawk
  • Non-Party List (German: ), a defunct political party in Liechtenstein
  • SK Ull, a Norwegian Nordic skiing club
  • Ullatan language, an extinct and unclassified Dravidian language
  • Ullensaker/Kisa IL, a Norwegian sports club
  • Ulleskelf railway station, in North Yorkshire, England
  • Universal Lucha Libre, former professional wrestling promotion in Japan