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Usage examples of "uighur".

Mu mothered the earth, and from her shores came forth men to people Mayax, Uighur, and Atlantis.

I am only a grain trader from Uighur, bound for the outposts of Mayax, and have taken the same route two years now.

He was tempted to visit the docks and look there for a Uighur seaman in a stained blue jerkin.

A shade passed over the face of the man from Uighur, then was gone again.

They took Sydyk out, but as they passed Ray, the man from Uighur stared at the American.

SYDYK of Uighur, of the courtyard of the Lady Ma-Lin, being son to her marshal, one U-Val.

Inside him the cold grew, yet there was no turning from this path, nor any return to the person he sensed he had once been before Sydyk of Uighur had been sent to invade his mind.

The legions of Uighur came in from the east, and our fleet from Mayax.

Without the walls the legions of Uighur are in action, and with them those of Atlantis who have never taken kindly to rule by the priests of the Greater Dark.

The Uighur peoples, like the Mongol, have no national religion, and I could not then make out whether the Han did.

The Uighur landlord smiled approvingly when he saw me begin to pick and peck and spool with the sticks, and informed me that the nimble tongs were a Han contribution to fine dining.

In the er western regions, for example, the uh so-called Uighur and the ahem Uzbek, Kirghiz, Kazhak and er Tazhik.

Ghost would pay them, part of which would ultimately go to the western Chinese province of Xinjiang to help fund the foundering Uighur independence movement.

Ghost nodded toward a Uighur, who pulled his gun out of his waistband.

She speculated about what had happened: The father had shot the Uighur but the Ghost had jumped for cover behind the couch and the old man had run out of ammunition.