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interj. 1 (context nonstandard English) (alternative spelling of uh-huh English) 2 (context nonstandard English) (alternative spelling of yoo-hoo English) 3 Expression of mild surprise or disappointment.


UHU GmbH & Co. KG is a manufacturer of adhesive products, based in Bühl, Germany. Its company slogan is "Don't say glue, say UHU!". The company logo is yellow with black lettering and in many markets it includes the German phrase: "Der Alleskleber" (the "everything-sticker").

Usage examples of "uhu".

Not only have I seen his rejections, but Abbas Effendi imitated his voice unmistakably, a deep, strong uhu, uhu, calculated to strike terror into mammals as large as a gazelle, and birds the size of a bustard.

In the night it goes uhu, uhu, and every time some poor unfortunate bugger cops it somewhere or other.

A frozen silence inside the tent and a startled silence outside followed the last Uhu, and in this silence they heard a still larger voice cry 'Strike that tent up forward there.

A deep strong voice from the dunes came almost immediately after these words: Uhu, Uhu.