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interj. (alternative form of uh English)

Usage examples of "uhh".

You, Jodi and Kelso concentrate on training these dinks and I'll, uhh -' 'Flight-test the planes as they come off the line.

I am assuming that the, uhh outlaws, if captured, will not confess they were in your employ.

You can check with Skull-, uhh, I mean Major Fujiwara, but in my opinion, if any of Ieyasu's people were caught in the act, they'd face death by torture rather than talk.

I, uhh - well, to be honest, I didn't want to risk giving our position away.

Roz wouldn't betray me but, uhh - the thing is, I just don't know what kind of pressure she's under.

I know from experience how you feel about people giving you lip but, uhh - don't damage the merchandise.

We need the action, the excitement, the danger to get the, uhh -,' he snapped his fingers, 'what d'you call it.