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UHC is a three letter acronym that may designate one of the following:

  • Universal health care or Universal health coverage
  • Unburned hydrocarbon
  • Unicorn Hobby Company
  • University HealthSystem Consortium
  • University Hospital Consortium
  • University Hospitals of Cleveland
  • Underlying Hazardous Constituent
  • Universal Heating Cabinet
  • United Healthcare, a large health insurer in the U.S.
  • Ultimate Holding Company - An ultimate holding company is a holding company but it is not a subsidiary of any other company.
  • Utrecht Haskell Compiler, a Haskell implementation developed by Utrecht University.
  • UHC Collective is the name of a radical art collective based in Manchester England who were responsible for the notorious art installation This Is Camp X-Ray
  • Unified Hangul Code, Windows code page 949
  • UDP Host Cache (used by File sharing networks, like Gnutella)
  • United Hospital Center
  • Ukrainian Hurts Community