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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
an ugly/nasty rumour (=a rumour about something bad)
▪ Ugly rumours persisted that there had been a cover-up.
an ugly/unsightly scar (=unattractive)
▪ The ugly scar spoiled and distorted his face.
Ugly Betty
ugly mug
▪ Something scared him. Probably your ugly mug!
▪ Late Victorian Holocausts is as ugly as it is compelling.
▪ What was beautiful they regard as ugly, and the other way around.
▪ Suffering, commonly seen as ugly and distorting, stirred emotions in him that brought the word beauty to his lips.
▪ The beetle: As ugly as the toad; he wanted to marry Thumbelina.
▪ The porter's speech disappears, for example; and Malcolm is at least as ugly and graceless as the tyrant he replaces.
▪ He came to the door looking twice as ugly as usual.
▪ Only some one as ugly as I am could love me.
▪ Photography, he protested, has unfortunately introduced into art a misconception of perspective which is as ugly as it is false.
▪ Some of the shapes are really rather ugly although the decoration is usually charming in its detail.
▪ Mr Thomlinson had made a rather ugly rockery out of it.
▪ It looked really ugly and beautiful at the same time.
▪ Because it could have been really ugly.
▪ That was when everything could have got really ugly if the man hadn't sided with her.
▪ One did not need to know why the ovens were so ugly, so very ugly.
▪ They looked so ugly to her and it all reminded her of Jack.
▪ But it's so ugly I can't actually bring myself to drive it.
▪ Perhaps we are fond of her just because she is so ugly and utilitarian.
▪ Yet even the gashes were not so ugly as the expensive boat that had caused them.
▪ She was so ugly I took a picture of her every chance I got.
▪ He was so clever ... and so ugly.
▪ But was he really too ugly, as some said, to be anything but a saint?
▪ The roads may have iced over, the rain may be too ugly to face.
▪ But he rejected her: too ugly.
▪ They are remarkably functional workhorses, two stroke, solid and very ugly.
▪ I was very ugly, very very ugly.
▪ So I obeyed John's order and approached his armchair, thinking how very ugly his face was.
▪ I was very ugly, very very ugly.
▪ My new sister is a disgusting colour and very ugly.
▪ Slung over my shoulder, I carry a new, very large, very ugly black handbag.
▪ Fists were thrown and for a while things began to get very ugly.
▪ So the princess began to think that he really enjoyed being a monster and very ugly.
▪ It's certainly the ugly duckling of the era-until you get to drive one.
▪ An ugly duckling, like a printing press, was transformed into a well-behaved goose laying golden eggs.
▪ But Beryl is an ugly duckling rapidly turning into a beautiful swan ... all through the hard work of recovering mental patients.
▪ However, roses are not swans, and all too often ugly ducklings remain ugly ducklings.
▪ The loco is a bit of an ugly duckling.
▪ Abdullahi was a small, slender, restless man with quick, vigilant eyes and an engagingly ugly face.
▪ The soldier whose ugly face I had glimpsed on wakening punched me in the mouth.
▪ I recognised them, for Hughie had the same ugly face as his father and brother.
▪ He's got a squashed-up ugly face like a baboon.
▪ Jinkwa stared down at the creature's ugly face.
▪ No one who had seen Canon Grindal's ugly face and then heard his beautiful chord-like voice could ever forget.
▪ He could not live in the outside world, because of his terrible, ugly face.
▪ I'd know that ugly face anywhere.
▪ Clubs lost their authority and control of players when money reared its ugly head.
▪ In addition, politics has reared its ugly head, all institutional efforts not withstanding.
▪ The spectre of restraint of trade rears its ugly head.
▪ It rears its ugly head every time a similar shooting occurs at another school.
▪ Unfortunately the same could not be said of the bad weather ruling which reared its ugly head too often.
▪ Hence the double bind attached to being appropriately feminine rears its ugly head again.
▪ Another problem will begin to raise its ugly head, in the form of parasites.
▪ At Hubbard Woods Elementary an even more graphic example of the troubled world our children face reared its ugly head.
▪ Nevertheless, there had been some ugly incidents.
▪ He was a stock irritant, an ugly man in a shabby dressing gown over a stained shirt.
▪ Shallow men, ugly men, stupid men.
▪ Rubbing his cheekbones in slow circles, he winces with pain at the sight of his own ugly mug.
▪ There would, I imagine, have been an ugly scene.
▪ Police were anxious to avoid the ugly scenes when the two boys made their first appearance in court nine days ago.
▪ The ugly scenes scared the holiday crowds away.
▪ There were a number of ugly scenes behind the Southend goal before police stepped in.
▪ But there were more ugly scenes last night.
▪ Any photographer that caught their eye were pushed away with threats, and ugly scenes between these rioters and other protestors ensued.
▪ He once confronted three baiters but after an ugly scene with them he advises people not to do the same.
▪ But Aspinall's goal sparked ugly scenes.
as miserable/ugly/guilty as sin
raise its (ugly) head
▪ And here's where the question of spec lists raises its head.
▪ Another problem will begin to raise its ugly head, in the form of parasites.
rear its ugly head
▪ At Hubbard Woods Elementary an even more graphic example of the troubled world our children face reared its ugly head.
▪ Clubs lost their authority and control of players when money reared its ugly head.
▪ Hence the double bind attached to being appropriately feminine rears its ugly head again.
▪ In addition, politics has reared its ugly head, all institutional efforts not withstanding.
▪ It rears its ugly head every time a similar shooting occurs at another school.
▪ One which is likely to rear its ugly head continually during this piece.
▪ The spectre of restraint of trade rears its ugly head.
▪ Unfortunately the same could not be said of the bad weather ruling which reared its ugly head too often.
▪ an ugly chair
▪ An ugly little man came over and offered to buy me a drink.
▪ That's a really ugly picture of me.
▪ The room was bare except for a few pieces of ugly furniture
▪ They're in an ugly fight over who will get the children.
▪ We hated our uncle. He was fat and ugly, with tiny eyes and a long, pointed nose.
▪ For an ugly moment I had been convinced she had guessed the real reason for my avid professional interest in Bill Francis.
▪ I glanced down to see that a well-aimed egg had turned my blouse into an ugly mess.
▪ It was on Sunday that the scenes turned ugly.
▪ Not long afterwards, ugly rumours began to circulate.
▪ Or how about the faint chirp prodding you to invent an ugly doll with a hankering for tickles?
▪ Use very small stitches to suture, otherwise an ugly scar may result.
▪ Where there were sentimental witnesses the old, the ugly and the inept always came out best.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Ugly \Ug"ly\, a. [Compar. Uglier; superl. Ugliest.] [Icel. uggligr fearful, dreadful; uggr fear (akin to ugga to fear) + -ligr (akin to E. -ly, like). ??. Cf. Awe.]

  1. Offensive to the sight; contrary to beauty; being of disagreeable or loathsome aspect; unsightly; repulsive; deformed.

    The ugly view of his deformed crimes.

    Like the toad, ugly and venomous.

    O, I have passed a miserable night, So full of ugly sights, of ghastly dreams.

  2. Ill-natured; crossgrained; quarrelsome; as, an ugly temper; to feel ugly. [Colloq. U. S.]

  3. Unpleasant; disagreeable; likely to cause trouble or loss; as, an ugly rumor; an ugly customer. [Colloq.]


Ugly \Ug"ly\, n. A shade for the face, projecting from the bonnet. [Colloq. Eng.]
--C. Kingsley.


Ugly \Ug"ly\, v. t. To make ugly. [R.]

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

mid-13c., uglike "frightful or horrible in appearance," from a Scandinavian source, such as Old Norse uggligr "dreadful, fearful," from uggr "fear, apprehension, dread" (perhaps related to agg "strife, hate") + -ligr "-like" (see -ly (1)). Meaning softened to "very unpleasant to look at" late 14c. Extended sense of "morally offensive" is attested from c.1300; that of "ill-tempered" is from 1680s.\n

\nAmong words for this concept, ugly is unusual in being formed from a root for "fear, dread." More common is a compound meaning "ill-shaped" (such as Greek dyseides, Latin deformis, Irish dochrud, Sanskrit ku-rupa). Another Germanic group has a root sense of "hate, sorrow" (see loath). Ugly duckling (1877) is from the story by Hans Christian Andersen, first translated from Danish to English 1846. Ugly American "U.S. citizen who behaves offensively abroad" is first recorded 1958 as a book title.


a. 1 displease to the eye; not aesthetically pleasing. 2 Displeasing to the ear or some other sense. 3 offensive to one's sensibility or morality. n. 1 (context slang uncountable English) ugliness. 2 (context slang English) An ugly person or thing. 3 (context UK informal dated English) A shade for the face, projecting from a bonnet.

  1. adj. displeasing to the senses and morally revolting; "an ugly face"; "ugly furniture"; "war is ugly" [ant: beautiful]

  2. deficient in beauty; "ugly gray slums"

  3. inclined to anger or bad feelings with overtones of menace; "a surly waiter"; "an ugly frame of mind" [syn: surly]

  4. morally reprehensible; "would do something as despicable as murder"; "ugly crimes"; "the vile development of slavery appalled them" [syn: despicable, vile, unworthy]

  5. threatening or foreshadowing evil or tragic developments; "a baleful look"; "forbidding thunderclouds"; "his tone became menacing"; "ominous rumblings of discontent"; "sinister storm clouds"; "a sinister smile"; "his threatening behavior"; "ugly black clouds"; "the situation became ugly" [syn: baleful, forbidding, menacing, minacious, minatory, ominous, sinister, threatening]

  6. provoking horror; "an atrocious automobile accident"; "a frightful crime of decapitation"; "an alarming, even horrifying, picture"; "war is beyond all words horrible"- Winston Churchill; "an ugly wound" [syn: atrocious, frightful, horrifying, horrible]

  7. [also: ugliest, uglier]


Ugly may refer to:

  • Ugliness, a property of a person or thing that is unpleasant to look at, listen to or contemplate
  • Ugly (Life of Agony album), 1995
  • Ugly (Screaming Females album), 2012
  • "Ugly" (Bubba Sparxxx song), 2001
  • "Ugly" (Jon Bon Jovi song), 1998
  • "Ugly" (Sevendust song), 2005
  • "Ugly" (Sugababes song), 2005
  • " U.G.L.Y.", song by Daphne & Celeste, 2000
  • "Ugly", song by Smashing Pumpkins on their single " 1979"
  • "Ugly", a song by 2NE1, 2011
  • Ugly (film), a 2013 film
  • "Ugly" (House), television series episode
  • "Ugly", autobiography by Constance Briscoe
  • Ugly Creek, a stream in Tennessee
  • Ugly Mountain, a mountain in West Virginia
Ugly (Sevendust song)

"Ugly" is a song from the album Next by the band Sevendust. Released in October 2005, the song had a fair amount of radio play.

The song was described by drummer Morgan Rose in an interview as being a mixed bag with a "huge chorus, broken-down verses and really heavy bridges."

Ugly (Jon Bon Jovi song)

"Ugly" is a song by Jon Bon Jovi that was the final single released in 1998 from his second solo album, Destination Anywhere. The song features a music video which was released on the DVD Destination Anywhere: The Film.

Ugly (Screaming Females album)

Ugly is the fifth full-length album by Screaming Females. The record was self produced by the band and engineered by Steve Albini in his studio Electrical Audio. The group embarked on a national tour to support the album on April 7, 2012.

Ugly (Life of Agony album)

Ugly is the second album released by American alternative metal band Life of Agony. Ugly was a considerable shift in sound from the hardcore and groove metal sounds of their 1993 debut River Runs Red. Although it still featured the band's trademark and pulverizing riffs, ('I Regret', 'Damned If I Do', 'Fears') the gang vocals and pummelling double-kick drumming had been dropped, Caputo also opted for a cleaner vocal delivery - eschewing his previous baritone howl. Songs like 'Let's Pretend' and 'How It Would Be' display the album's more emotional turn and were written about Caputo's mother who had died when he was young. The opener, 'Seasons', was written about his relationship with his father. It was released in 1995 through Roadrunner Records (see 1995 in music). Sal Abruscato left the band after the album's tour in 1996, but later rejoined for their first reunion in 2002.

Ugly (Sugababes song)

"Ugly" is a song by British girl group Sugababes from their fourth studio album, Taller in More Ways (2005). Written and produced by Dallas Austin, inspiration for the song was conceptualised in the midst of reading negative comments about members of the band. The song released on 5 December 2005 in the United Kingdom as the second single from the album. "Ugly" is a midtempo pop song that contains lyrics about personality and body-image issues. It received comparisons to " Unpretty" by girl group TLC and " Beautiful" by Christina Aguilera. Ugly is the band's final single released under the second line up of Sugababes, after original member Mutya Buena departed the group in December 2005.

"Ugly" garnered positive reviews from music critics, many of whom praised the emotional and empowering concept behind it. The song peaked at number three on the UK Singles Chart. It achieved international commercial success, where it reached the top five in Denmark and New Zealand, and the top-ten the Czech Republic, Finland, Hungary, Ireland, the Netherlands and Norway. The song's accompanying music video is set in a warehouse in New York City, and features people of different ages and races showcasing their talents. The Sugababes have performed the song at the V Festival in both 2006 and 2008, and at the Indig02 in London, all of which received positive reviews from critics. "Ugly" has been used in schools within Wales to promote diversity and eliminate prejudice.

Ugly (House)

"Ugly" is the seventh episode of the fourth season of House and the seventy-seventh episode overall. It aired on November 13, 2007. The episode revolves around a teenager named Kenny Cyrus with a major facial deformity. He is set to get surgery in order to remove the deformity, but has a heart attack just prior to the surgery. Dr. Gregory House, who still has not hired a new diagnostic team out of six interns, tries to figure out what is wrong with Kenny. Kenny was being filmed by a documentary crew during the process of the surgery, so House has to find out what is wrong with Kenny while being filmed by the crew.

The episode was watched by 11.4 million viewers, making it the eighth most-watched program of the week. The episode gained positive reviews by critics, who were surprised by the story surrounding Dr. Chris Taub, one of the fellowship applicants, in the episode.

Ugly (Bubba Sparxxx song)

"Ugly" was the lead single from American hip hop music artist Bubba Sparxxx's debut album, Dark Days, Bright Nights. The song was produced and featured guest vocals from famed producer Timbaland. The song features a sample of Missy Elliott's " Get Ur Freak On" and uncredited backing vocals by Elliott's former protégée Tweet.

The single was a success for Bubba, reaching number 15 on the Billboard Hot 100 and peaking at number six on both the Billboard Hot Rap Singles and Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs. To date, "Ugly" is Bubba's second biggest hit, his 2005 single " Ms. New Booty" being his most successful. Meanwhile, the song was a top ten hit in the United Kingdom, where it peaked at number seven on the UK Singles Chart.

Ugly (film)

Ugly is a 2014 Indian neo-noir psychological thriller film written and directed by Anurag Kashyap. The film was screened in the Directors' Fortnight section at the 2013 Cannes Film Festival. It also opened in the 2014 New York Indian Film Festival. The film stars Girish Kulkarni, Ronit Roy, Tejaswini Kolhapure, Vineet Kumar Singh and Surveen Chawla in pivotal roles. It also features model turned TV actor Rahul Bhat in an important role and TV actor Abir Goswami in his last film appearance before his death in 2013. The circumstances that led to the birth of Kali, the little girl, was separately made as 'Kali Katha': the prologue, and was released on YouTube. The digital poster of the film was released on 8 May 2013.

Produced by DAR Motion Pictures and Phantom Films, the film was theatrically released on December 26, 2014 after a delay about the inclusion of a warning about smoking. Upon release, the film received critical acclaim and has grossed over ₹138 million worldwide.

Usage examples of "ugly".

And this is the Absolute Ugly: an Ugly thing is something that has not been entirely mastered by pattern, that is by Reason, the Matter not yielding at all points and in all respects to Ideal-Form.

Farther east, the outer wall of the aisle, as also of the southern aisle, is almost covered with pompous and ugly monuments, few of them remarkable either for their design or for the fame of the persons to whom they were erected.

Amongst the shoals of smaller sharks there were at least two dozen of the ugly beasts that the islanders called Albacore shark.

One of the fat ugly Albacore sharks saw me as I slid down the dark cliff face, and he swerved towards me.

The absurd, ugly fang disappeared without a trace, and the albugo on his eye proved false.

You see a little ugly thing like an anatomized ape,--there, see,--he has just thrown down a chair, and, in stooping to pick it up, has almost fallen over the Dutch ambassadress,--that is Louis Armand, Prince of Conti.

Chinese red, no trace of that ugly sectoring that gives amberoid mock-ups away in oblique light.

The lump of amorphous flesh assumed another, longer shape: It became a cockroach, a hideously ugly, unrealistically large cockroach.

Pshing went out into an antechamber and returned with a Big Ugly named Ludwig Bieberback.

To strengthen it Lord Grimthorpe built buttresses, naturally following the division of the upper part of the walls, but thereby cutting across the arcading of the cloister walk in a most ugly fashion.

Then Oeljanov raised his right armthe one which ended in the ugly, stubby maw of a laser-sighted machine guntoward the camera.

Now she was Hushidh the Raveler, discussing the city of Basilica, not Shuya the schoolgirl, telling an ugly story about her tormentors.

Hovering over the scene was a bunch of particularly ugly buzzards, looking down upon the good guys and licking their beaky chops.

When the supper was done, the three ugly ladies each went apart to undress, while I took away the dishes, and my heroine began to write.

I was waited on by the ugly aunt, who begged me not to take a servant while I remained in her house, for by her account all servants were thieves.