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n. (taxlink Citrus × paradisi nothospecies noshow=1), a cross between a tangerine, ''Citrus reticulata'' and grapefruit (taxlink Citrus paradisi species noshow=1), grown in the West Indies.

  1. n. large sweet juicy hybrid between tangerine and grapefruit having a thick wrinkled skin [syn: tangelo, ugli fruit]

  2. [also: uglies (pl)]


Usage examples of "ugli".

Even though the Deutsche were defeated, the superstitiously fanatical Big Uglies of this subregion remained in a simmering state of revolt against the Race.

Big Uglies are able to change so rapidly, we will be able to prevent them from doing so in the future.

One other possibility remained, a possibility that had never entered his mind when the conquest fleet first reached Tosev 3: the Big Uglies might conquer the Race.

The Big Uglies meant it as an honor, not an insult, and so he endured the unmusicalat least to his hearing diaphragmsracket.

War, whether carried on by the Race or by Big Uglies, still seemed very strange to her.

Kassquit, and had improved his chances of turning her into something close to a female of the Race by not allowing her any contact with wild Big Uglies till she was an adult.

Preventing damage from Big Uglies willing, even eager, to die if they can also hurt us is very difficult.

You will use your expertise in Tosevite psychology to guide the Big Uglies toward increased acceptance of the Race.

He ordered me awakened from cold sleep early to help deal with the Big Uglies, and now you petty functionaries are hindering me?

The domestic animals reminded her that, despite the difficulties the Big Uglies caused, the settlement of Tosev 3 was proceeding.

Big Uglies chased the Deutsche into this part of the world and would not let them live anywhere better.

If they went into action against coldly pragmatic Big Uglies with the herb coursing through them, they were all too likely to do something foolish and end up dead before they could make amends.

The weapons the Deutsche used there were alarmingly close to being as good as the ones the Race ownedand the Big Uglies had had a lot more of them.

He smelled powerfully of the rank odor Big Uglies soon acquired when they did not bathe.

As the ties of family were less important among the Race than with the Big Uglies, so the ties of friendship were more important.