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UFF may refer to:

  • The Ulster Freedom Fighters, paramilitary wing of the Ulster Defence Association - a loyalist organisation in Northern Ireland
  • UltraFast Fibre, a local fibre company in New Zealand - part of the Ultra-Fast Broadband initiative.
  • UFF (Tvind), a second hand clothing store chain of the Tvind association
  • Universidade Federal Fluminense (Fluminense Federal University), a university in Brazil
  • Universal force field- a molecular mechanics force field developed by Rappe
  • United Freedom Front, an American left-wing terrorist group active in the 1970s and 1980s
  • Uffie, an American underground electronic artist
  • Undesired future fertility, a designation given to women in labor who desire or are strongly considering sterilization to prevent future pregnancies
  • Universal File Format, a file format used in computer aided test software packages
  • Uzbekistan Football Federation, the governing body of association football in Uzbekistan
  • Uff!, the name of a Venezuelan boy band.

Usage examples of "uff".

Long years ago we were forced to either lose the power uff vision entirely or adapt our eyesight to seeing in the dark.

Magogeans with the help of their diabolic ultrawave cannon succeeded in overthrowing our empire, those uff us who were not slain sought refuge here on the eternally dark side of Magog.

Let one uff our blue-fleshed brethren but present an appearance before any Magogean and he would be rayed down mercilessly without ever being granted an opportunity to speak.

About and around their capital the Magogeans have forged some sort uff an invisible barrier impenetrable by any material substance.

But it would take too long a training to enable you to pass yourselves as members uff the ruling class.

You would never be able to pass yourself off successfully as one uff these.

And once there, your own ingenuity can devise ways and means uff doing that which is needful.

But I think we need never again fear the construction uff such a weapon.

Herr, und sit down, I vill chust rink up the Yard and inqvire vot sort uff record.

Strangeways, contagt effery vun uff my colleagues uff der Royal College and haff zem meet me for ein special conzultation.

I got bonked on der skonce alzo, und I vas only at dot dodgasted cellar to deliver five gallons uff cream.

On a wall someone had daubed painted messages, old references to the H Block and Bobby Sands, newer additions in praise of the IRA, and promising revenge against the loyalist paramilitaries, the UVF and UFF predominantly.