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Uduvil is an agricultural village of about 32.7 square kilometers situated along the KKS Road at about five miles to the North of Jaffna city, Sri Lanka. It is surrounded by the villages Chunnākam, Kandarōdai, Sanguvēli, Mānipāy, Suthumalai and Inuvil. KKS Road and Kaithady - Mānipāy Road intersect at Uduvil and the Junction is called 'Maruthanār Madam' Junction. The name 'Maruthanār Madam' came into use because of the public resting place (Madam) situated at the North - Western corner of the junction. The old building that still exists is not in use nowadays. Two main roads, the Kaithady - Mānipāy Road and the branching Dutch Road cut through the village. The fork point is called 'Uduvil Junction.' A cross road connects the Dutch Road and the Puttūr - Chankānai Road that passes through Chunnākam Junction. It is called Uduvil - Kandarōdai Road. The nearest town to Uduvil is Chunnākam.

From ancient time until the mid - 20th century, Maruthanār Madam junction had been the assembly place for bullock carts from the villages in the north, south and west of the junction to start their long journey to Vanni and the south. Thus, there were a public well, stone water troughs and large trees at the junction.

A total of 3604 families live in Uduvil.Out of the total population of 10, 277, male population is 4704 and the females 5573.

The inhabitants of Uduvil (also called 'Uduvilār') are proud of their strong educational and cultural base. Udvilārs are mainly professionals, government servants, teachers and farmers.

Presently, Uduvil village is divided into five administrative 'Grama Niladāry' Divisions.They are Uduvil North, Uduvil North centre, Uduvil Centre, Uduvil South East and Uduvil South west.

Uduvil comes under the jurisdiction of the Mallākam Court. It comes under the 'Vali - South' Administrative Division, 'Vali South' local government body and Chunnākam Police.Telephone number of the Chunnaakam Police Station is: 021 224 0323.