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Ude may refer to:

  • Christian Ude, (* 1947), former mayor of Munich (SPD), Germany.
  • Filip Ude, a Croatian gymnast.
  • Hermann Ude, a German economist and manager.
  • Johannes Ude, an Austrian priest and Resistance member.
  • Lojze Ude, a Slovenian lawyer, journalist and historian.
  • Otto Ude, (1911-1987), a German Wehrmacht Lieutenant.
  • Iké Udé, a Nigerian-American photographer.
  • Ude, Georgia, a town in the Samtskhe-Javakheti region of Georgia.
  • Ulan-Ude, the capital city of Buryatia, Russia.

UDE may refer to:

  • UDE, a Unix Desktop Environment.
  • IATA-Code of the Volkel Air Base, a military airbase near Uden, Netherlands.

ude refers to:

  • ISO 639-3 code for Udege, a Siberian language.

Usage examples of "ude".

Dogias told her how she and Ude Neuyen had laid the northern relay, and Danner once again wished her job felt more constructive.

Ude Neuyen, to the double breath of Sergeant Lu Wai and Letitia Dogias, the communications engineer, and wondered how it had been for the first colonists: listening to the breath of someone close by, waiting for the onset of the cough that meant a lover or child was going to die.

Letitia and Lu Wai almost looked at each other but did not, and in the back of the sled, Ude sat up.

Lu Wai and Ude were both asleep, and Letitia was making notes on her wristcom.

Lu Wai and Ude slid covers over the instrument panels and clipped them down, then began securing the plastic storage bins with all their supplies.

While Letitia and Ude worked on the relay, Marghe rode north with Lu Wai on the sled.

It was a change for them to turn their backs upon the cooking of Weltjie and of Ude, or the chambertin of old Q.

Same God damn bunch spreading these smear stories, hearsay rumor anything they get their hands on trying to trip Ude up now on antisemitism never met a Jew till he was twenty what do they do?

Concluding his spirited call to action as the television cameras rolled closer, Reverend Ude pledged to send absolutely free, in return for donations for purchase of the land, a bottle of water from the Pee Dee, which he saw as one day taking its place beside the Galilee.

Ude had parked his car moments before Michael and Eliane pulled into the Kahului airport, some distance away.

Tried to get him malpractice insurance they drag out some yellow newspaper clippings ten years ago in Kansas same God damn thing, thirteen year old kid comes in for counseling and Ude has him reading the Bible listening to taped sermons and tells him he's a sinner puts the fear of God in him the kid goes home and hangs himself, family's Roman Catholic they sue for negligence wrongful death same list right down the line, telling everybody Ude's a mail order minister someplace in Modesto California ordains ten million of them a year to swindle the IRS any smear they can think of, all hearsay any smear they can think of.

Recalling the day Wayne Fickert made his decision for Christ, Reverend Ude saw this fine youth going forth one day from the Christian Recovery Bible Mission School to take the Lord's word to these very farthest reaches of the world, and his despair when little Wayne was snatched away.

God damn brother in there pulling them apart I'm getting things going Liz, three or four things I've got a spade in here from Guinea says he's in parliament there, polo coat grease spots down the front of it he's got the State Department sending him around to look at prisons and broilers, get their prison system out of the tenth century and set up broiler production may have to take him out to Terre Haute broiler farms and a big federal prison right down the road work it in with this other big client, big drug company's got these animal nutritionists from Europe want to see pigs, Terre Haute's got to be pigs get them out there and show them the pigs and this Ude, this Reverend Ude you said called?

Ude dug into his overalls, found what he had gotten from Ome's people, who had met him outside the bar in Wailuku early this morning.