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UD may refer to:

Ud (cuneiform)

The cuneiformud sign, also ut, and with numerous other syllabic uses, as well as multiple sumerogramic uses is a common sign for the mid 14th-century BC Amarna letters and the Epic of Gilgamesh. The sign is constructed upon the single vertical stroke , with various positionings of two wedge-strokes at the left, sometimes approximately centered, or often inscribed upwards to the left, the second wedge-stroke (or 'angled line-stroke'), occasionally inscribed/ligatured upon the first. The wedge-strokes can have any size, are often smaller than the vertical, but as an example, Amarna letter EA 256, can be almost as large as the vertical.

In the Epic of Gilgamesh, sign ud is listed as used for the following linguistic elements:

:* lah

:* par

:* pir

:* tam

:* tú

:* ud

:* ut

:* uṭ Sumerograms

:* BABBAR--"silver"

:* UD--"daily", "day", (2nd "daily"-(no. 2))

:* UTU--"sun"

The usage numbers for each linguistic element in the Epic of Gilgamesh are as follows: lah--(2), par--(5), pir--(4), tam--(32), --(46), ud--(30), ut--(95), uṭ-(7), BABBAR-(1), UD-(75), UTU-(58).

Usage examples of "ud".

As a botanist, I believe you will be interested in the contrivances of myself and Uder Che.

A quick glance showed the same rigidity now in Zhde Patasz and Uder Che.

There was a terrifying crack and down swept a whistling mass of foliage, to fall upon Zhde Patasz and Uder Che.

Omon Bozhd and Zhde Patasz, who were trying to extricate Uder Che from under the foliage.

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