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init. (context computing English) Unsolicited commercial e-mail; spam.


UCE may stand for:

  • Uganda Certificate of Education
  • Unsolicited commercial e-mail, a kind of spam
  • University of Central England, now known as Birmingham City University
  • Communist Unification of Spain or Unificación Comunista de España
  • Undetectable Cheat Engine, a program to cheat in computer games by bypassing anti-cheat software
  • Universidad Central del Este (Eastern Central University), a private institution in the Dominican Republic
  • University College of Engineering, Burla, India
  • University College of Engineering, Thodupuzha, India
  • University College of Engineering, Kakatiya University: uceku, India
  • User Controlled Encryption, a security process where encryption keys are controlled by the user
  • Ultra-conserved element, a type of Conserved sequence of DNA

Usage examples of "uce".

Later that afternoon, they were meeting the woman Suzy from escort agency and it was possible that she, or even Prior-Kent, uld provide some sudden breakthrough, but if neither of them uced strong leads then she and Pascal were still thwarted: all s work, and still no absolute proof.