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abbr. (context historical English) United Arab Republic, a former country composed of modern Egypt and Syria


The Uar or Warr were an Ugric people who lived in the Aral Sea region during the 1st millennium CE.

According to some scholars the Uar later merged with the Xionites, to form the Avars (or Varchonites) who later settled in Pannonia, and are often confused with the Caucasian Avars (an unrelated people).

UAR (disambiguation)

UAR was the United Arab Republic, a state formed by the union of the republics of Egypt and Syria in 1958.

UAR or Uar may also refer to:

  • Uar, a tribe in Central Asia and China
  • Understanding Animal Research, a British advocacy group formed from the merger of the Research Defence Society and the Coalition for Medical Progress
  • Unión Argentina de Rugby, the official governing body of rugby union in Argentina
  • Union of African Railways, an organization of African railways
  • Aerostar Airlines, a Ukrainian airline, by ICAO code

Usage examples of "uar".

In Central Angola, at the sources of the River Kwando, an archaeological expedition of the Academy of Sciences of the UAR had uncovered the remains of a cyclopean construction, apparently dating from well before the ice age.