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UAF may refer to:

  • Uganda Athletics Federation
  • Ukrainian Air Force
  • Ukrainian Armed Forces
  • Unidad de Análisis Financiero ( Financial Intelligence Unit), Panama, Paraguay and other Latin-American countries
  • Unidirectional Air Flow
  • Union automobiliste de France, early 20th-century French auto club
  • Union des aéroports français (Union of French Airports)
  • Unite Against Fascism, United Kingdom
  • Unité d′aménagement forestier (Forest Managemenent Unit), Québec
  • United Arab Emirates Air Force, ICAO Code UAF
  • Universal Access Fund
  • Universal-Assembled Fixture
  • University Admissions Finland
  • University-Affiliated Facility
  • University of Agriculture, Faisalabad, Pakistan
  • University of Alaska Fairbanks, United States
  • Use After Free, a class of software vulnerability
  • User Action Framework, in psychology