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Tzu or TZU may refer to the following:

  • TZU, an Australian hip-hop group
  • Tzu (poetry), a format of Chinese poetry
  • Chinese characters (han-tzu)
  • Courtesy name (tzu), a Chinese given name used later in life
  • Tzu (surname), the surname of the kings of Shang China

Usage examples of "tzu".

Placing the lamp on a low table, Tzu Hsuang seated himself on a couch and continued the explanation.

As a man of his word, Tzu Hsuang had been forced to allow the wedding when Batu returned wearing the armor of a Shou general.

In the corner opposite the provincial generals stood Tzu Hsuang and a handful of lesser nobles with whom he had strong political alliances.

Aside from Tzu Hsuang and Kei Bot Li, the only other person Batu recognized was Minister Kwan.

In fact, only he, Wu, and Tzu Hsuang knew exactly how he intended to defeat the barbarians.

He purposefully did not mention that Tzu Hsuang would lead that force.

I understand your concerns, Tzu Hsuang, but I assure you that my artillerists will not make a mistake.

He even had Tzu Cheng lay several thunder bombs on the bridge, so that it could be destroyed rapidly when the need arose.

To keep from yelling at Tzu Cheng, he had to remind himself that he was the one who had forgotten to move the mirror when he decided to try the thunder-powder bombs.

Batu frowned, thinking of his conversation with Tzu Hsuang just four days ago.

At the age of fifteen, a friend had remarked on his uncanny resemblance to Tzu Hsuang, and Xeng had finally realized why the lord took so much interest in his well-being.

Like Tzu Cheng and the other commanders, the soldiers appeared gaunt and haggard.

I think Tzu Cheng is right: we should make the Tuigan pay for our misery.

Hsuang stepped forward to greet the messenger, but Tzu Cheng held out a restraining arm.

By forcing the enemy to siege Shou Kuan, Tzu Hsuang had greatly complicated the already difficult task of feeding so many horses and men.