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Tyria may refer to:

  • Tyria (moth), one of the arctii genera
  • Tyria (river), a river in northwestern Greece
  • Tyria, Greece, a village in the municipal unit Selles, Ioannina regional unit, Greece
  • Tyria (planet), fantasy world on which Guild Wars and Guild Wars 2 video games are set.
  • Tyria (plant), a synonyme of Euphorbiaceae Bernardia.
Tyria (river)

The Tyria is a river in the western part of the Ioannina regional unit in Epirus, Greece. It is a left tributary of the Thyamis. The source of the river Tyria is near the village Platania, on the western slope of the Tomaros mountain. It flows into a generally northwestern direction. It flows into the Thyamis, near Vrosina.

The Tyria flows along the following villages, from source to mouth: Koumaria, Seniko, Chinka, Granitsa and Polydoro.

Tyria (moth)

Tyria is a genus of tiger moths in the Erebidae family. The genus consists of only one species, the Cinnabar Moth ( Tyria jacobaeae).