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n. (plural of tyre English)

Usage examples of "tyres".

Hambleton, freewheeling his mountain bike down the sloping track to the Mandel farmhouse, tyres slipping dangerously on the damp moss and loose limestone.

The actual barricade was of drums filled with concrete and spiked metal plates to puncture pneumatic tyres, and the guards were from the Third Brigade in their distinctive burgundy berets and silver cap-badges.

A shriek of tyres, a yelp and the thump which had propelled him out of the chair and onto the road in his stockinged feet.

A customer opened the door and Minogue heard the hiss of tyres from the Fords.

The car rolled back half a foot and the tyres bounced dully on the curb.

His feet were thrust into sandals cut from old car tyres, and his earrings were plastic stoppers from acid jars embellished with coloured beads that expanded his earlobes to three times normal size.

The lugged tyres began theirmonotonous hum as they hit the black top of the main road, and still nobody in the Land-Rover spoke.

They ran southwards in the night, with the whine of the tyres and the buffet of the wind against the cab.

The monotonous hum of the engine and tyres and the warmth of the cab lulled Craig, and in a reaction from anger and fear he found himself dozing.

Clouds swept by like steam from the engines of the earth and winds heaved stones downhill, chasing tyres and rattling on the ambulance roof.

On the West road, a jeep with four flat tyres carried a full load of GIs.

He felt glad that Father Quixote had not seen her in that state, half on her side against the wall, the windscreen in smithereens, one door wrenched off its hinges, the other caved in, her tyres flattened by the bullets of the Guardia: there was no more of a future for Rocinante than for Father Quixote.

Ranger out of the farmyard and on to the track, moving expertly through the gears as the tyres fought for traction on the treacherous surface.

Basle Zoo, a big black monster who used to twist heavy truck tyres into figures of eight for light exercise.

The screws biting deep in maximum revs astern, took off yet another knot, but we still had a fair way on when, amid a crackling, splintering of wood, partly of our planking but mainly of the doors, and the screeching of the rubber tyres on our well-tendered bows, we stopped short with a jarring shock, firmly wedged between the port quarter of the diving-boat and the port wall of the boathouse.