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Tyrelessly is an environment sustainability company headquartered in New Delhi, India. Tyrelessly provides an environmentally compliant 'End-of-Life' tyre collection and disposal service, providing security, protection and peace of mind for those who feel responsible towards the environment. Tyrelessly is India's first 'Tyres-to-Trees' company which encourages motorists to forego their used tyres for responsible recycling.

Tyrelessly has an online platform and conscious vehicle owners can follow a few simple steps to have their vehicle’s 'End-of-Life' tyres disposed off safely. The company takes care of tyre collection through the online platform and users are notified after the disposal. Tyrelessly collects all kinds of tyres; End-of-Life bicycle tyres to End-of-Life SUV or truck tyres. As of July 2016, Tyrelessly's service is available across the National Capital Region.