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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Tyran \Ty"ran\, n. [See Tyrant.] A tyrant. [Obs.]

Lordly love is such a tyran fell.


n. (obsolete form of tyrant English)

Usage examples of "tyran".

Something within this venerable behemoth had stricken Tyran with a slow but fatal ailment.

Yes, Tyran would be coming with the rest, whether or not he still breathed.

Her husband had less to prove, and when Diora was at last given leave to retire, he remained with the Tyran, drinking as the night waned.

The Tyran were the only men who swore to serve another man loyally, placing their honor above the value of their lives.

With a curt wave, the four Tyran who stood at the corners of the room were also dismissed.

A respectful distance away, unattended by even the most trusted of his Tyran, stood the man who had been the second most powerful in the Dominion.

Ramiro shook his head at this oldest of his Tyran, and Ser Karro returned to their brief repast.

They spoke in the silence of two men, in the privacy of a room empty of even the most trusted of Tyran, and they did not speak for long.

The Tyran have cut off the only road that leads out of the Tor Leonne, and even serafs are given a very difficult passage.

They would be separated from their armies, and although they could call upon the individual clansmen who owe them loyalty, even these would be outnumbered by the cerdan and Tyran that now man the Tor.

I you, I would not pit my blade against the blade of your Tyran, no matter how often battle has tested them.

Your Tyran are listening, and they will expect you to show a proper respect for your peers.

Of the wives, only Ruatha had seen her, sitting, the power of her voice completely silent while the treacherous Tyran killed them all.

Rittevon and his chief ally, Ludas Jimajen, son of a Tyran merchant clan, placed their souls in pawn for the gold that bought the services of their battle mages.

A grower was willing to part with a dozen grafted saplings for fifty solaris and another coin bought him six barrels of fresh water to keep the Tyran apple trees alive.