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Tyn may refer to:

  • Horšovský Týn, Czech Republic
  • Tyń, Poland
  • Týn nad Bečvou, Moravia, Czech Republic
  • Týn nad Vltavou, Czech Bohemia
  • Tyn-y-Gongl, Anglesey, Wales
  • Church of Our Lady before Týn, Prague church
  • 14537 Týn nad Vltavou, comet

Usage examples of "tyn".

He was just between the tyning and the winning, as the saying is, when the playactors, before spoken off, came to the town, being then in his eighteenth year.

Next these came Tyne, along whose stony banckeThat Romaine Monarch built a brasen wall,Which mote the feebled Britons strongly flanckeAgainst the Picts, that swarmed ouer all,Which yet thereof Gualseuer they doe call:And Twede the limit betwixt Logris landAnd Albany: And Eden though but small,Yet often stainde with bloud of many a bandOf Scots and English both, that tyned on his strand.