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Ty (rapper)

Ben Chijioke (born 17 August 1972), better known by his stage name Ty, is a British hip hop musician. He has released three albums on Big Dada. He has collaborated with musicians such as Shortee Blitz, Drew Horley, and Tony Allen.


TY or Ty may refer to:

Usage examples of "ty".

I peeked back over the covers and noticed Adeem leaning into Ty, whispering.

But it was Alec, another arrow ready on the string, who stepped from tyim Flewelling the trees.

What else does an Earth woman bring to Ty, especially a Polynesian primitive such as Ollanbac must have been?

My intention was to earn a standing with you and Ty, to make use of the seemingly infinite opportuniTy that he controls but does not exploit.

It would not provide the brain-to-brain communication that it does for Laurie and Ty.

Sometimes the beauty of the haire resembleth the colour of gold and honey, sometimes the blew plumes and azured feathers about the neckes of Doves, especially when it is either anointed with the gumme of Arabia, or trimmely tuft out with the teeth of a fine combe, which if it be tyed up in the pole of the necke, it seemeth to the lover that beholdeth the same, as a glasse that yeeldeth forth a more pleasant and gracious comelinesse than if it should be sparsed abroad on the shoulders of the woman, or hang down scattering behind.

No one here seems to have supernatural power except Ty and the queen, who has merged with Ty.

We could not help her with her hunger, though she sucked us, because this place has no Ty.

None of you has yet seen a fraction of the physical power available to Ty.

Silver light gleamed against the golden threads of the winged horse emblem on the sleeve so recently and meticulously mended by Ty.

A good time they continued this exercise, and then cast themselves in a ring, dauncing in such severall Postures, and singing and yelling out such hellish notes and screeches: being strangely painted, every one his quiver of arrowes, and at his backe a club: on his arme a Fox or an Otters skinne, or some such matter for his vambrace: their heads and shoulders painted red, with oyle and Pocones mingled together, which Scarlet like colour made an exceeding handsome shew, his Bow in his hand, and the skinne of a Bird with her wings abroad dryed, tyed on his head, a peece of copper, a white shell, a long feather, with a small rattle growing at the tayles of their snaks tyed to it, or some such like toy.

Of course, in retrospect I surmise that Ursin was only a construct of Ty, who naturally felt within his rights to destroy his own creature.

A chance remark from one of the women, who somehow had also visited the Mediterranean coast, suggested the beach world to Ty.

The funniest bills were offered by Representative Arlo Tyer of Pocahontas, in northeast Arkansas.

Most wise Nymph, in my comming out of the subterraneall vast darksome place, as I passed on, I came to a goodlie bridge, and vppon the same, in a Porphyrite stone vppon the one side, and an Ophite vpon the other, I beheld engrauen certaine Hieragliphs, both which I did interprete, but I stoode doubtfull of certaine branches, that were tyed to the hornes of the scalpe of the Oxe, and the rather because they were in the Porphyrite stone, and not in the Ophit vpon the other side.