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abbr. (context text messaging English) text, text message


TXT or txt may refer to:

  • SMS language or txt, an Internet slang language commonly used on short message service phones
  • .txt, a filename extension for text files
  • Text messaging on a phone using letters and symbols.
  • Trusted Execution Technology, Intel's implementation of Trusted Computing
  • TXT e-solutions an international software development and consulting company focussing on business applications.
  • TXT records, a type of Domain Name System record used for several purposes
  • TxT (film), a 2006 Filipino horror film
  • txt, the ISO639-3 language code for Citak language, a Papuan language spoken in Citak-Mitak kecamatan (subdistrict), Mappi Regency, Indonesia.
  • Docetaxel, an anticancer drug
TxT (film)

TxT is a 2006 Filipino supernatural horror film directed by Michael Tuviera and starring Angel Locsin, Dennis Trillo, Oyo Boy Sotto, Julia Clarete, Dante Rivero and Eugene Domingo.