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TXE, which stands for telephone exchange electronic, was the designation given to a family of telephone exchanges developed by the British General Post Office ( GPO), now BT, designed to replace the ageing Strowger systems.

When World War II ended, the UK telephone exchange suppliers supported the GPO’s decision to stay with Strowger until a viable electronic system became available. The GPO largely did this to protect their success in the export market, but it actually had the effect of ultimately destroying it. This allowed competitors to develop their own improved switching systems ahead of the GPO. In 1960 the situation rapidly changed when the Australian PO rejected a system from a consortium of British manufacturers who offered a register-controlled version of a motor-uniselector system in favour of a crossbar system from the Swedish firm of Ericsson. Suddenly the rules had changed and the race was on to develop an electronic telephone exchange that could operate with the current GPO Telephones used in the UK, including shared service.