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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Twirl \Twirl\, v. t. [imp. & p. p. Twirled; p. pr. & vb. n. Twirling.] [Cf. AS. [thorn]wiril a churn staff, a stirrer, flail, [thorn]weran, [=a][thorn]weran, to agitate, twirl, G. zwirlen, quirlen, to twirl, to turn round or about, quirl a twirling stick, OHG. dweran to twirl, stir. Cf. Trowel.] To move or turn round rapidly; to whirl round; to move and turn rapidly with the fingers.

See ruddy maids, Some taught with dexterous hand to twirl the wheel.

No more beneath soft eve's consenting star Fandango twirls his jocund castanet.


vb. (en-past of: twirl)

Usage examples of "twirled".

The elf parried and backed, dodged easily and twirled aside, letting Tunevec's furious charge go right past.

The contraption twirled as it flew, entangling many lines, fouling up the caravel's rigging.

He jerked open the bag he held and twirled as he reached his targets, blinding them in a puff of flour.

It twirled around on the long chain, its gentle grades and shading giving it the depth of a true work of art.

He danced and twirled through the ranks of the warriors, and each held his breath, recoiling until he had passed.

His face blood red and locked into a grimace, the guildmaster had recovered from the attack and now twirled his walking stick as a weapon, which Regis knew from experience to be deadly.

The wizard leaped up from his chair and twirled about the room, his voluminous robes flying wide.

Just like that, caught by surprise as the barbarian's arm came forward, as the mighty warhammer twirled out, too fast for his attempted deflection with the club, too powerfully for Tree Block's massive chest to absorb the hit.

It twirled end over end, then vanished and reappeared in his side-slung holster.

Sternly, Keff shook his head and twirled his finger to show the child she should turn around again.

The wing-finger twirled around but came to rest in front of Noonday's breast.

She twirled idly about in the gimbaled chair, wondering exactly what criterion was vital for the Optherian assignment.

Suddenly the harpers struck up another tune, one of the sprightlier dances, more of a patterned run, requiring the lighter partner to be lifted, twirled, and caught.

Nuella took the cap off, twirled her hair up into a bun and stuffed the cap back on.

J'lantir twirled her around once and then lightly set her on her feet.