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n. (plural of twig English) vb. (en-third-person singular of: twig)

Twigs (play)

Twigs is a play by George Furth which premiered on Broadway in 1971.

Usage examples of "twigs".

With efficient rasplike grinders, they consumed a winter diet of coarse dry grass, plus twigs and bark of birches, willows, and larches with as much ease as they did their summer diet of green grasses, sedges, and herbs.

And like bundled twigs, the gullywudes just seemed to come apart, spraying bits of wood everywhere.

Red-gold hair blowing, tunic fluttering and looking like so many leaves and twigs and bits of this and that sewn together, he drove right at the bogans, scattering them.

Before Eilonwy had finished, a hairy figure, covered with leaves and twigs, popped up at the window, and with great agility clambered over the sill.

Quick Ben, the wizard had set a half-dozen twigs, upright, in a rough line.

Instead, with a heavy winter girth of white feathers that camouflaged and warmed their bodies and made snowshoes of their feet, they endured the bitter season, feeding on seed and twigs, and when a blizzard struck, scratched out small caves in the snow to wait it out.

After putting the sweet-smelling, lather-producing, dried coelanthus flowers into the hot water, she added fronds of wood fern and a few columbine flowers she had picked on her way, and then budding birch twigs for the smell of winter- green, and put the container aside.

He fed willow twigs into the tiny fire he had built between three flat rocks.

Over there, for example: a girl about her own age, very slowly stripping the twigs off a dying branch and putting them one by one into her mandibles.

Since Nereisse had become queen, the ancient timbers of the bed had sprouted with twigs and green leaves, as though roots still fastened the posts to the soil.

Dain gripped the branches of the bush before him so hard the twigs cut into his palms.

She stood next to it, watching while he assembled twigs and kindling in a circle of stones and struck sparks into the fluff of shredded bark.

And that sometimes being stupid and being not afraid were two twigs of the same bush.

She set a small nosegay on the tray, a confection of stark black twigs with white ribbon stitched into tiny buds on them.