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Twiggs -- U.S. County in Georgia
Population (2000): 10590
Housing Units (2000): 4291
Land area (2000): 360.288214 sq. miles (933.142151 sq. km)
Water area (2000): 2.656814 sq. miles (6.881116 sq. km)
Total area (2000): 362.945028 sq. miles (940.023267 sq. km)
Located within: Georgia (GA), FIPS 13
Location: 32.658820 N, 83.395136 W
Twiggs, GA
Twiggs County
Twiggs County, GA

Twiggs may refer to:

In ships:

  • USS Twiggs (DD-127), a US Navy destroyer during World War I
  • USS Twiggs (DD-591), a US Navy destroyer during World War II
  • Twiggs County, Georgia
  • Twiggs, West Virginia

People with the surname Twiggs:

  • David E. Twiggs (1790–1862), US soldier during the War of 1812 and Mexican War, and a general in the Confederate States Army during the American Civil War
  • John Twiggs (1750–1816), leader in the Georgia Militia during the American Revolutionary War
  • Levi Twiggs (1793–1847), officer in the US Marine Corps during the War of 1812, the Seminole Wars and the Mexican–American War