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Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

formed May 16, 1928, as Transcontinental Air Transport, merged 1930 with Western Air Express to form Transcontinental and Western Air Inc. (TWA). Name changed to Trans World Airlines 1950, but the moniker remained the same. Its last remnants were bought out by rival American Airlines in April 2001.


Scottish form of two.

TWA (disambiguation)

TWA usually refers to Trans World Airlines, a former American airline

TWA may also refer to:

  • Twa, a group of Pygmy peoples in Africa
  • T wave alternans, a variation in the T wave in an electrocardiogram
  • Texas Wrestling Academy, a professional wrestling training school
  • Time-weighted average or permissible exposure limit
  • Transport and Works Act 1992, a piece of UK legislation concerning public transport
  • TWA, the ICAO airline code for T'way Airlines of South Korea
  • Also can refer to Time WArner.

The Twa (also Cwa) are any of several African hunting peoples or castes who live interdependently with agricultural Bantu populations, and who generally hold a socially subordinate position: They provide the farming population with game in exchange for agricultural products.

Usage examples of "twa".

Yonder ye see in the howe, and Yonderdale begins where the twae hills hurkle thegither.

Twas the good Liberty cause, and all the mealy office-seekers were on our side till they saw the wind blowing tother way.

The Yonderdale turn is twae miles on, and this road gangs to mony places.

Efter twae weeks o dwelling amang us as blude-friends, gutting our winter victuals, burning up oor peat-bings, an dancin the reel o Bogie wi our lasses, those mangrels waukened one day at five in the morning and put the MacIan MacDonalds to the fire and the sword.

His memory gave him the words Twas briflig, and the slithy toves Did gyre and gimble in the wabe: All mimsy were the borogoves, And the mome raths outgrabe.

Twas but a moment's work to contrive the Wheel of a Maiden's dreams, Jupiter smiling upon Venus in the house of partnerships, Mars exactly at the mid-heaven, Mercury with smooth sailing ahead, not a retrograde body in sight.

At the moment she 8 8 IRIS RA INER DA R Twas a big television star, and eventually she'd make movies again.