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TVT (TV station)

TVT is the first provincial television station in Australia and Hobart's, and Tasmania's, first television station, delivering its first official broadcast on 23 May 1960. The callsign stood for "TeleVision Tasmania".

Initially it broadcast from the Mount Wellington transmitter on VHF channel 6, to all of Hobart. Its broadcast licence area covered all of southern Tasmania, these areas being reached by various repeaters and retransmitters.

It continued to broadcast as TVT-6 until 1982, where it was bought by ENT, owner of Launceston station TNT-9. Both stations began broadcasting under the unified on-air identity of TasTV by 1985, thus becoming for the first time a statewide network. ENT also owned Vic TV in regional Victoria.

In 1988, TNT-9 was sold to Tricom Corporation (later Southern Cross Broadcasting), leaving TVT-6 continuing to service the south as TasTV. And with the dawn of statewwide aggregration rising in the early 1990s, TasTV began its preparation, this time as the Nine Network broadcaster for the state on the very moment it would restart broadcasts to Northern Tasmania thanks to aggregration. It adopted Nine's idents and campaigns and a new slogan, First in Tasmania, in 1993, and the news service was reconfigured to that of Nine's.

And indeed, it came: the biggest change to Tasmanian television came in 1994 when aggregation occurred. This allowed both TasTV (TVT-6) and Southern Cross (TNT-9) to broadcast across the entire state and for the first time, give Tasmanians a choice of commercial stations. TasTV, now once again broadcasting all over the state, officially confirmed itself as the Nine Network affiliate and Southern Cross held dual Seven and Ten affiliations.

In October 1994, WIN Corporation bought ENT in a forced takeover and thus TasTV became WIN Tasmania, the state division of the growing regional network. It still uses the callsign TVT-6 for its Hobart and southern Tasmania licence.

In 2002 WIN Corporation and Southern Cross Broadcasting formed a joint venture company to broadcast a third commercial station, Tasmanian Digital Television, in a digital-only format.

On 1 July 2016, as part of a wide national re-alignment of regional television, TVT swapped affiliations with TDT switching from Nine Network to Network Ten, but TVT rebroadcasts a feed of ATV-10 from Melbourne with local ads.


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