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TVI may refer to:

  • RTL-TVI, a French-language television station in Belgium
  • TVi (channel), a Ukrainian TV-channel
  • TVi (Malaysia), a Malaysian TV-channel
  • Tamil Vision International, a Tamil language television channel in Toronto, Canada
  • TeleVideo, a manufacturer of computer terminals
  • Televisão Independente, Portugal's third television channel
  • TVI Community College (now Central New Mexico Community College) in Albuquerque, New Mexico
  • Tactical Vehicle Intervention
  • Television interference
  • Television Iwate, a television company in Iwate Prefecture, Japan
TVi (TV channel)

TVi was a Ukrainian TV channel that did broadcast from 2008 till March 2015, it was widely seen as Ukraine's only independent TV channel. It was known for its critical coverage of the Ukrainian government, particularly of President Viktor Yanukovych.

Late April 2013 the channel changed ownership in a disputed takeover. Early May 2013 the new management stated that they wanted to transform TVi into a mainstream TV channel (to be completed by September 2013). In March 2015 TVi stopped broadcasting because it had drained out its financial resources. In March 2016 its broadcast licence was revoked.

TVi (Malaysia)

RTM TVi, also known as TVi is a digital television station in Malaysia owned and operated by the Radio Television Malaysia, a division of the Malaysian Government. It is part of the RTM Digital Television services, along with Muzik Aktif, Pelangi, Sinergi and Panggung.

TVi broadcasts for 24 hours a day since its re-launch in April 2011. TVi, specifically meant for Sabah and Sarawak, is an initiative by the Federal Government and the governments of the two states to bring about a deeper understanding of the people in them. This would also help further promote the 1Malaysia concept among Malaysians, especially in the peninsular.

TVi focusing programmes that highlight life in Sabah and Sarawak, culture and songs of the various ethnic groups in them, documentaries, history and plans in store for these two states. The channel is currently available on Astro’s Channel 180, which previously broadcast RTM Muzik Aktif and TVi